If you want to correlate positivity and aura of New Year to your house then you can adopt these Vastu Shastra tips for your home. Whatever has gone good or bad is a passé, so begin your new journey in this year. Don’t focus on negativity and pessimism. Let the aura of light and joy flow in your house by bringing positivity in your house with the help of ‘Vastu Shastra’.

Adopt these changes to welcome the benefits of balanced energy by the ‘Science Of Architecture’ i.e Vastu Shastra.

5. Your entrance welcomes the energy, so make sure you keep your Main Door clean and welcoming, either you can make ‘Swastik’ symbol or you can opt for ‘Swastik’ Wall Hanging. Even your name plate can have the symbol of ‘OM’. Make sure there should be no obstruction in the entrance gate. No dustbin or garbage should be near the main gate of house.

4. You can plant small shrubs and herbs, there are plenty of options available for indoor plants, and if you have balcony then you can plant ‘Tulsi’ and money plant or any plant of your choice. Plants bring clean air, so per ‘Vastu Shastra’ it is a positive step.

3. If you are fond of paintings and pictures then make sure your paintings, pictures or sculptures doesn’t have negativity like a war or drowning ship. It should reflect happiness, and after looking at it, one couldn’t help but smile.  

2. If you are a student or if have kids who are in school, make sure while they are studying or reading, make sure face should NOT be in front of a wall. Sitting should be arranged in such a way that wall should face ‘back’ of yours or your kid while reading or studying. It enhances the focus and continuity.

1. Most important step is to remove clutter and unused items from your house. You surely would not like to get garbage accumulated in your house. Garbage is basically anything which you don’t use and are not planning to use in a year. Minimize the items which are necessary and crucial, any extra amount should get removed as it generates negative energy.

‘Vastu Shastra’ is a science which balances the energy of nature and house per ancient knowledge. It is not a rigid code, this doctrine is all about how positivity and good vibes should fill and surround your house. So, hope these minor steps will bring the aura you were looking in your home from a long time.

11 Jan 2016

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