Travelling takes you to some of the most beautiful and amazing places in this world. It helps you in meeting some really interesting people and more than all of that traveling helps you in creating some of the most special memories of your lives.

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However, there’s a side of traveling that is excruciating, grueling and totally not something that one wants to be a part of, and that is, the journey that you have to experience before reaching a place. This can be anything, by a car or a train or even traveling on a plane. Something like this can be both amazing and taxing at the same time, depends on the kind of things that have you gone through. One of such is the kind of people you’re surrounded with. Almost everyone hates traveling with a kid on board because they’re small and don’t really care about causing issues for their fellow passengers, however, have you ever thought what kind of passengers do flight attendants hate attending?

Have you ever thought that even you might be one of such passengers who is a big pain for almost every attendants on the plane? If yes, then check out these 5 types of passengers that flight attendants hate attending.

1. The Flirt

Complementing is one thing but being too sleazy with it can be really taxing for the flight attendant. People should remember that being nice to them is a flight attendant’s job and not some personal choice. Be a nice and kind person, and don’t get too rigorous with your offers.

2. The Picky Eaters

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We all have been seated next to a person who just can’t decide on what to have for dinner or lunch or breakfast or even snack, for that matter. There are only two choices available on a plane, either a vegetarian food or non-vegetarian. An airlines just can’t everything to afford your new lifestyle of gluten-free, dairy-free or whatever-free.

3. The Unconcerned Parent

Travelling with a kid on board is one thing, but traveling with an unconcerned parent is a problem on some other level. There are some parents who just don’t understand that their kid is their own responsibility and they are the only one who needs to keep them in place, without causing problems to others traveling on a plane.

4. The One Who Snores Loudly


Just imagine you’re on a 12-hour long flight and just as you’re about to go for a good-old sleeping time, because what more can you actually do a plane, the person next to you is snoring loudly. This is a nightmare for many and most have them have already lived through it, but being around a loud-snorer is a situation none of us would like to be in.

5. The One-With First World Problems

There are some people who think that this entire planet revolves around them. These are the people who think their money can buy almost everything in this world for them and when they get a reality check, let’s just say, things don’t go very smooth for them. Being around someone like this on a plane is one of the most excruciating things for a flight attendant.

Now that you know about some of the most difficult people on a plane, try not being one.

Jyotsna Amla

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