So apparently, it turns out that last night’s party was a bit too much. With friends over and breezy discussions wiling away time purposefully, you didn’t know where to stop. The booze got heavy and so did your head eventually. Tired, exasperated, you took to the bed like a cadet upon completing a heavy day of grind.

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But what about the hangover? How do you deal with that. Here are 5 simple ways with which to get over with your hangover.

1. Get electrolytes


This might seem a bit too obvious but it always works. Usually, they say, what helps to keep a hangover in check is to get a large glass of water between each drink; at least, the first two drinks.

Then right when you’re about to hit the bed, have another large glass of water.

In order to improve your hydration, it is important that you get enough water with electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium.

2. Have some coconut water


Yeah, so this might sound a little funny and exaggerated but in utter honesty, it’s anything but that.

If you have some coconut water, post a heavy drinking binge, it helps a great deal.

There’s one simple reason behind this lucid move. Coconut water naturally contains a good balance of all essential electrolytes that you would otherwise need to get a mix of, in order to treat your hangover correctly.

3. Take some protein or fat before you hit the booze

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This one might sound slightly flimsy, but it could be said, it’s an utterly workable idea to treat your hangover.

Apparently, choosing from any of healthy fats- meat, fish, eggs, beans and lentils works as they tend to last in the stomach longer and act as a cushion against the huge flush of alcohol that you are about to gulp down.

4. Consume liver-supporting foods


Okay, so this is a simple one. No rocket science in this. The one organ that is most affected upon consuming heavy bouts of liquor is the liver. So, it is but natural to guard it safely from any kind of malady or affliction. Isn’t it?

In this case, therefore, it is absolutely vital that one consumed liver-supporting food such as artichoke, green leafy salads and some lemon juice. Ideally, upon waking up from last night’s hangover, it’s ideal to have an omelette with onions is a good follow up option as well.

The above act as a pretty simple defence mechanism against the burden one’s ought to put on the liver- that is responsible for breaking down 95% of the alcohol we consume.

5. High dose multivitamins

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They are rich in the nutritive value, add vitality and, aid in better digestion. It’s that simple. Taking a high dose of multivitamins that contain a high level of vitamins- B,C, D and K- is essential because all of these rich sources that are depleted by high amounts of alcohol.

Usually, the idea is to consume a dose before one begins drinking and to have some immediately upon having breakfast the day after a pleasant evening of binge-drinking.

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