5 Fashion Trends for Men to follow

It’s September and summer of the year 2015 is almost coming to an end. But there is no stopping from looking good and dressing up as per the trends.

Men shop less often as compared to the women. But that doesn’t mean that men don’t follow the fashion trends or never make an effort to create their personalized fashion statement.

Though, we agree that the clothing choices for men are not as vivid as for it is for the ladies. Still, fashion world has a lot to offer to the ‘Adams’ on this planet.

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week for designer Manish Malhotra’s maiden collection for men. So, the glam world is no more just about the ladies, designers are paying attention on men too.

Feel important and dress up the occasion. Here are some steps of guidance on how to rock every time you go out.

1.  Breathe Blue

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50 shades of Grey created great obsession among people this year but don’t include the color in the clothes you head out wearing. In simple terms, ditch Grey and love Blue.There are more than one reasons to make blue your delectation this season – it’s refreshing, goes well with everything, easy to carry and makes you look slim. Do you need any more?

2.  Play with Prints

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Printed shirts are the favorites this season. Keep your wardrobe treasured with the shirts having tropical prints, large dots, florals and geometrics to make a perfect fashion statement. Whether wear it as a statement piece or don it underneath a lightweight blazer or jumper, prints are a sure shot way to a breathe color and life into your clothing line.

 3.  Love for Checks

soorajChecks are in for both men and women this season. We have seen a large variety of colors and gradations presented by the designers in the recently concluded fashion weeks. But instead of playing safe you can take your simple chequered shirt to a new level just by experimenting with a slant hem.

And if you want to don a rebellious look like Sooraj Paaanacholi, go for Tshirts, blazers having dispersed checks.

4.  Classy Chinos 

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Chinos have come way ahead from the school uniform days. Now, they are fun, cool, trendy, comfortable and stylish and fit for every occasion. Need you want more?
Available in slimmer fits and flat front options, chinos make way for an easy transition from office attire to drinking in pubs or just a casual hangout around the city. And there is no dearth of prints and colors to choose from.
So, what are you waiting for? Just team up the chinos with your favorite t-shirt/shirt and head out for a good day

5.  Stripped Sweatshirts

2015-09-18In few days from now, we are going to enter the cooler month of the year. So, officially, it’s time to invest in sweatshirts. For this season, don’t rely on the old fashioned shirts and buy the ones with more fitted styles and stripped patterns.
After all, why purchase something you could just wear under the running pants. Now you can team up your new sweatshirt with jeans or chinos and go off to work.
And you can just pick any color -Grey, White, blue, Navy-blue. But just remember to have the slim fit and stripped design for maximum impression.

18 September 2015
Team Rapid

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