Extroverts can only be described as the people who had the best time at a party or at a gathering or even while hanging out with their friends. Somehow, it always seems as if extroverts can conquer anything in this world if they want to, yes, they’re that good with their skills.

These people love to hang out with others and absolutely despise doing nothing but sitting ideal, something that introverts almost live for.

They can easily make friends with anyone they meet and almost everyone ends up falling for them because of their personality of being themselves, no matter what. There are so many other things like these that an extrovert is great at.

However, we’re not here to talk about their greatness, but rather how frustrating it is to be an extrovert at times. Actually, most of the times since there’s nothing cooler than being an introvert in today’s day and age. Almost every invention works at providing comfort to introverts and somehow limits the possibilities of two strangers getting to talk to each other, with one app at a time, something that an extrovert basically lives for.

There are various other frustrating moments that an extrovert has to go through, almost daily, on this planet that no one really talks about. But, worry not. We understand your pain, which is why we are sharing 13 of the most frustrating moments every extrovert goes through.

1. When you’re upset about something and immediately need to simultaneously share your pain with three different people.

frustrating extrovert moments 1

2. When there’s a long weekend and none of the homies are ready to party the entire time, except for you.

frustrating extrovert moments 2

3. When you regret almost everything that you said without actually processing it at first.

frustrating extrovert moments 3

4. When you look back on the weekend videos, only to find yourself being the most obnoxious version of yourself but having absolutely no shame about it. Because well you had a good time.

frustrating extrovert moments 4

5. When you’re with a bunch of people and everyone is busy on their phones.

frustrating extrovert moments 5

6. When people think you’re ‘needy’, while you were just in the need to talk it out to someone.

frustrating extrovert moments 6

7. When you don’t know what to do while you’re alone.

frustrating extrovert moments 7

8. When everyone talks about how all they want to do is stay home and be on Tumblr and marathon Netflix, and you’re just like:

frustrating extrovert moments 8

9. When random people start hating you because you can’t keep yourself silent in any gathering.

frustrating extrovert moments 9

10. When someone makes you realise that you talk way too much with your hands and you need to control it.

frustrating extrovert moments 10

11. When you have those “OH MY GOD I NEED TO BE AROUND PEOPLE” days.

frustrating extrovert moments 11

12. When you’re labeled as too ‘intense’. WTF is too intense???

frustrating extrovert moments 12

13. When you’re home alone with nothing to do.

frustrating extrovert moments 13

Being an extrovert is a real struggle that not many even know about, or even have a single idea about. It’s hard.

Jyotsna Amla

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