You understand it to be a city that stands at a fascinating intersection of technology and widely-regarded cosmopolitan culture. You also emphasize on the astonishingly beautiful quality of its sprawling infrastructure when speaking about this city. No mention of the United Arab Emirates can possibly ever be complete without touching upon its prominent ecosystem of entrepreneurship. Moreover, the sky-rocketing frame of its buildings seems to indicate the promise and potential of the vibrant international city.

Dubai Roads

And now, it appears that it is also the world’s second-best global city for driving.

Quite frankly, there’s never a dearth in the excitement where it comes to Dubai.

Now, hailed for being the world’s second-best global city for driving, Dubai has made major international headlines, yet again. Apparently, a French-based survey conducted recently ranked various cities of the world on some interesting parameters, such as- safety, driving conditions, so on and so forth.

And Dubai topped the list. But a question remains!

Just what makes Dubai the world’s second-best global city for driving? To that end, it’s worthwhile to know Dubai fares significantly better than many of the world’s leading cities on several aspects connected to everyday commute and driving that have anointed it with the special recognition.

And it appears that the following facets have made the exuberant city as the second-best global city for driving:

Multi-lane highways

Low prices for fuel (such as petrol)

Relatively low incident rates where it comes to road rage

A combination of the said factors has promoted Dubai, a city otherwise renowned for its economic bustle as the world’s second-best city for driving.

But while Dubai has scorched to the top of the table, one wonders, which might be the world’s best global city for driving? To one’s surprise, it’s not a destination in the United States, or for that matter, anywhere in Europe.

It appears that Calgary in Canada is actually the best city currently in the world for driving. Following, Dubai, the cities of Ottawa, in Canada and Bern, in Switzerland have been ranked the third and the fourth-best global cities for driving.

The French-based survey apparently drew comparisons between different cities on the basis of several contributing factors: such as road quality, infrastructure, safety, and costs.

Best Roads In Dubai. Dubai Roads Infrastructure

A key senior figure connected directly with the firm that undertook the survey, Sebastien Rohart, shared some key insights on the findings of the survey:

“Despite advances in the accessibility of transportation, cars remain the most commonly used mode of transport in the world. Whether running on fuel or electric power, cities will continue to have to make adjustments so that they can accommodate the flow of vehicles.”

In addition to the above, he would further add, “our study shows that while many cities already have the infrastructure and legislation in place, there’s still a lot of work to be done towards making driving safe and affordable across the board.”

Calgary Road Infrastructure, Best Roads In The World

That said, one of the key components that determined the outcome of the survey- infrastructure- was in turn, indicated by several factors connected with the city, such as- number of cars per capita, traffic congestion, road, and public transport quality.

In fact, in order to arrive at the conclusions, even the air quality of various cities was studied which helped establish a city’s commitment to providing its residents with fresh air.

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It may not be too much of a surprise to note the fact that there are two German cities that made it to the list of top ten that are considered ideal for driving. Not Munich or Berlin, these are Dortmund and Dusseldorf.

Surprisingly, not a single city from Asia was able to make it to the list!

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