New Delhi: In a gruesome incident, the mayor of the south city of Mexico’s capital has been shot to death on Saturday, a day after she took the office.

The lady mayor Gisela Mota was sworn-in on New Year and was killed the following day.

She was attacked by the gunmen at her home in Temixco city, informed the state government of Morelos.

After her death, Mota’s leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party issued a statement that defined her as “a strong and brave woman who on taking office as mayor, declared that her fight against crime would be frontal and direct.”

Following the assassination, the federal police killed the two presumed murderers, who opened fire on them from the SUV, and detained three during the search operation.
The police authorities found 9-millimeter gun, ski masks, an Uzi and an SUV having license number plate of Mexico State when the suspects were detained.

The governor of the state Graco Ramirez has described her killing as a planned murder but didn’t mention the name of any drug cartel or group involved.

Though, he vowed that there will be no exemptions in her murder and state officials will fight hard against the challenge posed by the crime groups.

The city in the past has witnessed many cartels targeting local officials and mayors in order to maintain control over the communities and town.

4 Jan 2016

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