It may not have happened ever in the past, it might not happen again in the future but at the present, it has caught everyone’s attention in India.

At this point in time, all may be wondering as to what happened to the fate of hundreds of Indians in Mexico? And why did all of it happen? It may not be the most positive piece of news from the perspective of Indians living in Mexico, truth be told.

Mexico Deports Indians

But it is confirmed that as many as 300 Indians and counting have been deported by Mexico to Delhi, the national capital.

So what exactly happened there?

It appears that in a bid to drastically cut down the number of migrants, Mexico has taken the sudden decision that has the United States lurking in the background.

To those among us who may be slightly confused about the nature of the events that transpired recently, here’s what one ought to know:

Mexico has deported over 300 Indians to Delhi, the National Migration Institute (INM) said late on Wednesday, calling it an unprecedented transatlantic deportation.

The move follows a deal Mexico struck with the United States in June, vowing to significantly curb US-bound migration in exchange for averting US tariffs on Mexican exports.

Mexico deports Indian
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“It is unprecedented in INM’s history – in either form or the number of people – for a transatlantic air transport like the one carried out on this day,” INM said in a statement.

But all of that said, what actually makes Mexico’s decision only just and fair on all legal grounds is that the 310 men and 1 woman who had been sent to the Americas had arrived in the country illegally. Later, they were sent back to the country of their origin on a chartered flight.

And on top of that, they weren’t traveling alone; they are accompanied by federal immigration agents and Mexico’s National Guard. It was only this Friday, i.e., October 18, 2019.

Now, a question remains. Where did the immigrants belong to, the ones that had been living illegally in Mexico? Government agencies confirmed that most of the immigrants belonged to the state of Punjab.

But that said, whether they have a criminal record or background (in the past) is yet to be ascertained and confirmed by the police authorities.

300 Indians deported by Mexico

The backlog of migrants in southern Mexico has grown as officials have stopped issuing permits for them to cross the country, said Caitlyn Yates, a research coordinator at IBI Consultants who has studied increasing numbers of US-bound Asian and African migrants arriving in Mexico.

But one could ask if the nature of deportation as witnessed just recently in Mexico is likely to continue in the course of the future?

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Speaking on the above matter, Caitlyn Yates confirmed that while events of these nature aren’t very natural and normal to expect, it is likely that this will continue in the course of the future too.

The exact number of illegal immigrants from India who were found to have been living in Mexico is known to be 311.

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