In a massive shock to the wildlife enthusiasts at the famous Audobon Zoo, in New Orleans, a jaguar that had escaped its enclosure went on a nearly unstoppable killing spree causing grief and sheer suddenness.

The 3-year-old wildcat called Valerio turned out to be more ferocious than what one may have imagined in all honesty.

That the jaguar escaped from its own encasement, rather an enclosure was a big shocker in itself. That it went ahead to cause mayhem created an absolute furore at the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans, in the United States.

The shocking incident occurred around 7.20 a.m in the famous New Orleans Zoo and went about on a killing spree. The rampage it would eventually cause was completely unprecedented and came as an absolute shock to everyone.

It can be said the list of casualties that occurred in the entire fiasco would reverberate everywhere and would take a lot of times to come. Among the animals that came under the direct venomous attack of the jaguar includes- four alpacas, an emu and a fox trapped in their own habitats before zoo officials managed to sedate it.

The incidence has completely rocked the cradle of the concerned zoo’s authorities who were thankfully, at some point in time- able to control the wildcat.

Even before the zoo had actually opened- it is reported- did the jaguar go missing and would not be located in its shell. Later on, it was discovered the length of chaos that it would unleash.

The incidence has been covered so widely, even in worldwide media that it appears owing to the sheer suddenness of its occurrence, it may even continue to be discussed or talked about in the coming days.

A report, however, on leading Indian news platform NDTV had the following:

Apparently, no humans were injured by the animal, although the circumstances of the escape sparked a worrisome thought at what might have been: The “jaguar jungle” is also home to a children’s play area.

The media and the zoo authorities would later come together to make an official announcement regarding the chaotic episode and would reach out to the public and press sharing that the situation at the zoo was no longer untenable. And at the same time, declared that things had returned back to normal inside the zoo.

Anyone, whether a genuine animal lover or wildlife conservationist, a lover of nature or just about anyone from any walk of life would have been realistically and correctly concerned about the entire incidence that had transpired. And now that things have returned to their usual, quaint state albeit only after having evidenced a grievous incident- one can be assured about his or her personal safety and well-being whilst visiting the zoo.

But at the same time, this incident perhaps teaches us all something. No matter how well-fed and well-kept are these animals under any properly watched facility, be it a heavily-guarded zoo, these are wild animals at the end of the day. And on top of it, one may never be able to predict what can ferocious species like a jaguar may do. Isn’t it? Perhaps that is why one shouldn’t completely forget the real difference that the wild may always have that upper hand over others around.

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