In an age of instant gratification, where our attention spans are about as large as the size of an occasional tear, a lot of entertainment is sought from that thing called meme. Not a single day goes by in the World Wide Web stratosphere when one doesn’t talk, post, or retweet or share a meme. In some ways, it’s fine too. There’s a lot of stress and the need to lighten up and crack a few jokes is evergreen and so relevant. But one must also be cautious about not taking things too far or when a meme crosses the line of sanity. What do you reckon?

Probably not everyone likes to become a meme himself- isn’t it? Surely, in the light of recent events where seen tugging into a gentle sleep whilst being present- among the few-at the new president’s swearing in, Bernie Sanders didn’t take it too personally when he became a meme.

And even when things went a bit too far, and the meme was, apart from being placed in worldwide events as also among myriad cult personalities, found itself in the outer space and things like that, Bernine Sanders didn’t react.

There was zero vitriol from the end of the 79-year-old. A thorough, good-natured American gent, what else could be possibly said.

But trust the word- it appears that Bernie Sanders is a much bigger man than just some mild-mannered successful senator from Brooklyn. It appears that a familiar image in the midst of the meme has now become a good Samaritan as well.

So what really happened and why is the subject of a meme created not too further back in the past is sweeping global headlines once again?

As a matter of fact, the woolly mittens that Bernie Sanders actually wore to the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden have now been put to charitable use, after gaining worldwide traction through a meme that raged on over the Internet.

Bernie Sanders
Image Source: Business Standard

Just who would’ve thought that such a thing would ever happen. Surely, not the creation of the meme in the first place and also, not the septuagenarian-right?

Now what’s rather interesting is that it was Bernie Sanders himself who announced the recent development that has at its heart- the cause of greater good!

Here are some interesting excerpts from the story as published on Hindustan Times:

The woolly mittens helped to raise $1.8 million in the last five days for charitable organizations in Sanders’ home state of Vermont, the independent senator announced on Wednesday.

“Jane and I were amazed by all the creativity shown by so many people over the last week, and we’re glad we can use my internet fame to help Vermonters in need,” Sanders happened to share in a written statement. And he would further add, “But even this amount of money is no substitute for action by Congress, and I will be doing everything I can in Washington to make sure working people in Vermont and across the country get the relief they need in the middle of the worst crisis we’ve faced since the Great Depression.”

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