Never before has the need to protect Human Rights and therefore, uphold the dignity of mankind as a whole, been as urgent as today. Social values and moral beliefs of our society are frankly being questioned, with each passing day. These are harsh times out there for the moral compass of our society and its collective conscience. Telling stories that constantly reveal the extent to which man is constantly stooping to abominable standards.

Are we, it must be asked, finding it that difficult to find respect for another, to have faith in one another and to treat the other with some as simple as dignity- a value that one warrants automatically being a living being?

Well, truth be told, it doesn’t seem like.

It must be said that every day, time and again, one comes across a piece of news that makes us believe in all of the above as being a harsh truth of the times we are in! And if, in case, you needed telling evidence of the above- then perhaps visiting this breaking piece of news striking straight from the sub-continent would suffice.

629 Pakistani girls were sold to China

Where it stands right now, then it is confirmed that recently, as many as 629 Pakistani girls were sold to China. The 629 Pakistani girls who were sold to China were actually, simply given away as brides.

If anyone said that the values and interests of the people in one of Asia’s developing corners are being protected and taken care of, then the news that 629 Pakistani girls were sold to China would simply break our hearts and damage our belief about the world we have come to cohabit.

Just why would (and why should) such a thing even happen?

629 Pakistani girls were sold to China, who were bought by various Chinese men and taken to their country. And if you were wondering about the fate of these ‘sold’ beings, then here is what may upset you. Many among the 629 Pakistani girls sold to China were either actually isolated, kept away from leading a life of normality, and many among them were pushed into prostitution.

But all of that said, it is about time that we understood the real problem from the other side of Pakistan’s border that might have led to this shocking piece of development. It is believed that the demand for foreign brides is actually deeply routed in China.

If one were to actually study the Chinese demographics, then what might surprise everyone would be the sheer difference between the men and the female populace. Actually, there are roughly 34 million more men than there are women in China.

pakistani girls in china
New Indian Express

The biggest case against traffickers has fallen apart. In October, a court in Faislabad (in Pakistan), acquitted as many as 31 Chinese nationals, who were charged in connection with trafficking. And the issue didn’t just end there.

Here is the real heartbreaking part. The women, who were initially called in for questioning actually maintained a firm state of silence, because while some of them had been actually bribed, the others were simply, threatened or forced into being in a state of silence.

So far, only 2 have spoken out and have actually registered their testimony in front of the court. But just think about it, of the 629 Pakistani girls (who were) sold to China, just 2 have testified. That too, has happened with the real identities of the girls concealed for the simple reason that they fear retribution.

Just what is happening to our world, isn’t it?

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