Wherever you go across the world, there is always someone who speaks English. But when and why did English become such an essential language for communities? Why is English a global language? Let’s find out.

how english became a global language

The success of the English language began in the 19th century when Great Britain became an empire and ruled up to a third of the world’s population. The English started sailing around the world very early, around 1500 AD, and conquered foreign countries. So it happened that in the 19th century, Australia, New Zealand, India, parts of China, Africa, and North America were under English rule. English has become the national language in some of these countries. Another reason could be that English is an easy language because the grammar is similar in many countries.

America also boosted progress in a world language by adopting English as its national language. The media have also contributed, such as music and film, as most are in English.

Before English became a world language, French was the most spoken language because France also had many colonies. In addition, English was not officially recognized as the world language, it just happened.

The dream of global understanding across borders, cultures, and idiosyncrasies is as old as this story. Two developments have made this dream come very close to reality.

The first development is forever learning perfect translation Softwares. Big data and machine learning could also soon make it possible to communicate live with a person via Skype in a foreign language, which is then translated simultaneously.

The second development is the rise of English to a world language. Anyone traveling to China or India as a Spaniard, Finn, or German should speak English. The same applies to anyone who wants to be successful in the global economy or the natural sciences.

English has become an international language of communication. No scientist can afford not to publish in English. Many factors contributed to this development, like the influence of the superpower USA, the success of American universities, the spread of pop music, Hollywood, the Internet, and the digital revolution.

global language english

On the Internet, a pure language is a utopia anyway. Anyone who sees the diversity of other languages threatened by the global dominance of English can complain just as well about other languages that have taken over certain regional languages as a superior language like Hindi in India, Simplified Chinese in China, High German in Germany and the ancient Latin replaced by Italian, French, English, and Spanish. 

One cannot refuse the fact that to be able to orientate yourself in the world of today and to be able to communicate in it, mastery of your own language is no longer sufficient. But Why Is English a Global Language and not any other language?

English is The Most Spoken Language in The World

Along with approximately 400 million native speakers, English is understood and spoken by approximately 1.6 billion people. Since more than a quarter of the world speaks this language, and the English speakers are spread across the world, it is undoubtedly a language spoken and understood by the masses.

The Language For International Business Relationships

Since the headquarters of large international companies are mostly located in the financial centers of the United States and Great Britain, English has long been the standard language of trade. This could also be due to the fact that native English speakers do not like to be the first to learn another language. For business, you have to find a common tongue with people from all over the world.

Most Films Are in English

Hollywood is one of the most powerful ventures in the global entertainment industry. So it is only natural that English should become the primary language for films. Of course, the films are often dubbed, but the best way to enjoy them is in the language in which they were made.

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English is Easy to Learn

why english is called universal language

This statement depends on who you are talking to, but it is widely accepted that English is not the most difficult language to deal with. The vocabulary is easy to keep and has references to many other languages. Therefore, it is just about learning translations that are easier nowadays with the Internet.

You Can Say Things in 100 Different Kinds

One of the advantages of the English language is its flexibility. There are many different ways to explain the same thing because the vocabulary is very extensive. The English language has more than 620,000 words, and new ones are added every year.

Selfie. Bae. Smasual. All of these words are new in the English language and are already included in the lexicon. English evolves more than any other language and takes up words that stand out in other languages. The reduced limitation in the expansion of the English language is one of the main reasons Why Is English a Global Language.

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