In India, the average per capita consumption of plastic is about 11 kgs. Most of it is wasted after the first use. There are several options available that can replace plastic and are also reusable. Let us learn Why Is Reuse Better Than Recycle.

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas has estimated that the annual per capita consumption in India would increase to 20 kgs by 2022. Part of the waste is recycled and reused, but avoiding waste is even better. It protects the environment and resources right from the start, and that is why reuse is better than recycle. 

The production of consumer goods that we buy and use in everyday life is complicated. It requires raw materials and energy. Almost everything we surround ourselves with will eventually become a waste that has to be disposed of at great expense. Even disposing waste has consequences and hurts the environment.

Reuse better than recycle

Waste prevention has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. The reason behind this is the awareness that the earth’s resources are limited. The guiding principle of sustainable development has, therefore, become established in politics, and it is also gaining importance in business and industries. Sustainable development and explaining ‘Why Is Reuse Better Than Recycle’ would ensure that future generations have the opportunity to meet their needs.

Use Reusable Goods

Whether its a shopping bag, coffee-to-go mug or water bottle, reusable stuff should always be the first choice. It is because the longer an object is in use, the more environment-friendly it is. It also applies to the packaging of goods. Take beverage bottles, for example, a glass bottle can be reused up to 50 times, a reusable and PET bottle up to 25 times. Disposable bottles, on the other hand, are withdrawn from the market just after one use. They are either recycled or incinerated. It is, therefore, ideal to use reusable bottles instead. When it comes to coffee-to-go cups, the reusable models are also suitable in cafes.

Shop unpacked Goods

Bringing your own tote bag to shop is now a trend and also extremely environmentally friendly. However, even what goes into the shopping bag is often packed in plastic. If you want to avoid this, you can buy fruit and vegetables unpacked from shops. A reusable carry bag helps with packaging-free shopping in the supermarket. In more and more cities, plastic bags are being banned at shops, and consumers are made aware of carrying their own bags.

Drink Tap Water

If you switch to water from the tap, you save almost every beverage packaging. Self-bottlers have a large selection of water bottles like stainless steel, glass or BPA-free plastic material. If you have any doubts about the water quality in your own household, it is worth getting a purifier at home. You can fill and carry your own water bottle from home instead of purchasing one. It is a small step towards the motto ‘Reuse Better Than Recycle’ but has a significant impact.

What can consumers do to save the planet?

reasons behind Reuse

Consumption habits play a significant role in the generation of waste. Keeping in mind that Reuse Better Than Recycle, here are some simple tips for shopping help to reduce your contribution to the waste of the world. Above all, this includes avoiding packaging waste as far as possible:

  • Use baskets or sturdy bags instead of plastic bags,
  • Buy loose goods instead of elaborately packaged products,
  • Do not use sealed food packaged in plastic trays and instead buy, fresh fruit and vegetables at the fresh food counter,
  • Buy drinks in reusable packaging,
  • Buy refill packs. 

What you save today will provide something extra for the next generation. It is imperative that we teach our children the most valuable lesson about Why Is Reuse Better Than Recycle, so they have the correct mindset to rectify the damage done by our generation.

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