The South Africa- India ties go back a long way and date back several centuries. Among the countries that rallied behind Madiba-land in the cause of the anti-apartheid movement was the land of the famous Mahatama Gandhi. Though, there was no scorn as such in the bi-lateral ties, there was a disturbance in the ties during the infamous Apartheid era. And ever since the opening of the Cultural Centre in Johannesburg (Circa May, 1993), India’s ties with the country resumed back to normal, but that wasn’t before a gap of four decades.

Today, India and South Africa keenly interact on boosting trade ties, the Narendra Modi-led country emerging as the fifth largest trading partner.

Therefore, close dialogue on matters that hold importance for both nations are a routine occurrence. This is why PM Modi of India recently interacted with his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa on an important matter, one whose ramifications are being felt globally.

So what was the chat all about that involved some important exchange between PM Modi and Cyril Ramaphosa?

PM Modi and Ramaphosa
Image Source: PTI Photo by Kamal Singh

The recent chat involved an exchange of ideas regarding the COVID 19 pandemic management with South Africa’s supreme political and democratically elected leader Mr. Cryil Ramaphosa. During his talk, Shri Modi touched upon the key subject of possibilities of collaboration in the great fight against the pandemic with his South African counterpart.

The prime focus, therefore, was based on how the two nations could join forces at an international level and work jointly to curb the menace attached with a global killer, that, as on date, as claimed nearly 23 lakh lives (worldwide).

As a matter of fact, PM Modi himself put information in the public domain regarding his recent dialogue with Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, wherein a press release carried by the Prime Minister’s office explained the notes exchanged between the two allies.

It’s important to focus on the following in the lines of the aforementioned:

Spoke to President Cyril Ramaphosa about the measures India  .. South Africa are taking to fight the Covid-19 pandemic domestically and internationally.

India’s capacity to produce medicines and vaccines is supporting the efforts of many nations, including our friends in Africa.

The leaders agreed that officials of both countries would remain in touch over the coming days to exchange experiences and explore the potential for collaborative efforts against the  pandemic.

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South Africa, as a matter of fact, has been trying to communicate with India on the subject of using the vaccines that are currently being made in India, and shipped to several other countries.

On that note, it’s important to note that India, which only a few hours ago, sent vaccines to Barbados as a charity measure, has already shipped handsome sums of the same (albeit not as charity) to Brazil.

Nations around the face of the world have been trying to rise to the cause of standing for one another in the joint fight against the pandemic. Take for example Austria and Germany stepping up the support toward Portugal, which is also grappling with the great nadir of our times.

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