“When you are confronted by issues and problems, then, it makes sense to resort to nature. By simply putting down your head; kneeling in joy in the lap of mother nature, you can both find what’s lost and what didn’t seem right. In a similar vein, putting down your head under the cool shade of these 5 unique trees that grow in India might also make a lot of sense.”

The world might have come into existence thanks to the Big Bang. But it ought to be said, nothing that you find in this world would be worth savouring had it not been for nature. Some call it mother nature, others, simply refer to it as Nature. But here’s what is evident and undeniably so.

Very often do we find the world around us a bit taxing and complicated. And often, this complication stems from our own misdirected actions. So why’s it that it is so often cited that one should frequently resort to nature? Perhaps, nothing could be truer and more indicative of this than for the sheer variety of greens that nature has been kind enough in bestowing upon us.

With its calming presence, pristine silence and, an evocative sort of silence, being amid nature is like being amid one’s true home, so to speak. In fact, nature is our real home. We have only gone on to construct material aggregations around us- haven’t we?

Specifically, when one speaks about this part of the sub-continent, then it won’t be hard to find that there happen to be several unique trees that grow in India. You can savor them, take delight in being in their company and let it be known, they remind us of the only constant phenomenon amid the changing vagaries of time.

And maybe that’s the greatest thing about the trees.

But let’s find out about the 5 unique trees that grow in India.

1. Peepal Tree

unique trees that grow in India
India Times

This one is for the “Peepal, by the Peepal, and of the Peepal!” How else can one describe one of the 5 unique trees that grow in India?

Interestingly, while this is a tree that’s truly evergreen in the context of the green spread of nature all around India, actually the Peepal tree is a semi-evergreen tree.

It falls under the category of the dry-season deciduous tree. Also, one’s ought to know that this is among the very few trees that provide oxygen both during the days as well as nights.

2. Arjuna Tree

unique trees that grow in India
India Times

Probably, it may not be wrong to suggest that there could be many who may not know a great deal about this tree with an interesting name. What do you think? What’s most interesting about this tree is that it is generally found under the river beds.

Exhibiting beautiful and charming bright coloured yellow flowers during the period of March to June, the Arjuna Tree also has a woody fruit that grows during September to November.

Due to these interesting properties, the Arjuna Tree is one of the 5 unique trees that grow in India.

3. Sal Tree

unique trees that grow in India

One of the 5 unique trees that grow in India, the Sal is, for starters, a beautiful tree whose name is also every bit interesting and charming as the physicality. It’s considered to be among the largest deciduous trees of India. Above all, the Sal tree is a precious commodity for the merchants and traders community owing to the property of generating timber.

4. Gulmohar Tree

unique trees that grow in India
India Times

Well, truth be told, this is indeed a tree whose name sounds rather princely and one with an air of ebullience, isn’t it?

What can be a better name than Gulmohar, something that seemingly is besotted of very ethereal-like beauty?

Charming the landscape of the upper echelons of North India, the Gulmohar Tree can be found commonly in hilly regions and Kashmir. This tree has got nothing to do with the Western parts of the country or in the region down south.

Blossoming with bright coloured red flowers, the uniqueness of this tree comes from the density of shade it offers upon expanding and growing; with the leaves being, at least, 5 cms long.

5. Indian Mahogany

unique trees that grow in India
India Times

The mahogany is a tree that finds its presence in the literary landscape of the country where writers use it as a paradigm for explaining the beauty and the sheer joy of being amid nature.

“Two lovers meeting each other with a profuse passion, holding hands, after a long time, under the cool shade of the mahogany; is there paradise on the earth, yes, very much so!”

There’s a romanticism attached with the mahogany tree that bears a fruit of a greenish capsule colour and shape and the tree often grows up to a height of 30-40 feet.

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