Women are better than men. Not my statement and not yours, isn’t it? In fact, this is a universally believed fact. That women are the better of the two genders especially when it comes to exhibiting patience, simplicity, and above anything else, compassion is believed by everyone. This simple, straightforward statement can clearly raise brows, ignite debates, and leave one to quarrel endlessly. Not that the ones who might end up quarrelling would be the ladies; the men, of course, would take this with a pinch of salt.

But if this universally-believed suggestion is in anyways even remotely true then one wonders, what on earth was this BJP legislator thinking when she came up with an abhorrent statement of sorts, going as far as suggesting- the rising rate of unemployment in the country is leading to an increase in rapes?

This BJP legislator from Haryana, Ms Premlata Singh is actually of the view that there’s a link between rising cases of rapes and the rising unemployment levels in the country.

And here’s the real concern.

She is of the view that the frustrated youth of India, who do not have a job and know not what to do with their lives are actually creating these unnecessary situations such as rapes, a treacherous reality that the world’s largest democracy seems to be grappling with each passing day.

Whether Ms Premlata Singh was high on some substance one doesn’t know. But what one does know, in fact, is that her comments have given an exact idea about the intellectual quotient of our politicians in the country. If the leading figures from the ruling party such as Ms Singh end up saying such a disastrous comment, then, one wonders, what might be the reaction of the people of this country?

Surely, in itself, there may not be a bigger enemy or social malady than unemployment; it’s stale, it’s the biggest farce of life and, it’s got to be stripped out from one’s professional life at the earliest. Isn’t it?

But still, is there even a justifiable or logically backed comment to say such a thing that because India’s youth is simply sitting idle and minus anything constructive in life- such as a job- it is going ahead and committing rapes?

Is this how a senior political figure happens to describe the youth of this country? Can this be, in fact, acceptable and by whom?

According to one of India’s leading news outlets- the revered NDTV- the following were the comments given by this BJP Legislator.

“The frustration that has crept into the minds of our youths is one of the reasons behind such incidents (rapes). Youths who are frustrated, unemployed and unsure of their future commit such heinous acts,” the BJP lawmaker from Uchana Kalan said.

“A wrong tradition has started in our society…Men develop bad intentions when they see a woman anywhere,” she added.

Premlata Singh, whose husband is union minister Birender Singh, was commenting on the gang-rape of a 19-year-old woman in Haryana’s Rewari city.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t too hard to understand why the lady’s comments were criticised on social media. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of sense vested in the minds of our social media audience in India. And for that, we must be glad.

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