Happy New Year Guys!! It is the first day of New Year and it will be followed by two more holidays. A long weekend of New Year is actually like finding water on mars. We employees plan our vacations very seriously as we don’t get much, but 2016 seems to be filled with many holiday options which is actually a boon for us.

As the year already started we have made a special holiday calendar for all the employed people who love their week offs but cannot plan vacations on them. You can scan the calendar and calculate the vacation options. You can plan your trips and tours accordingly, or you can make your holiday bucket list as per these vacations.

 1. January

JANUARY HoJANUARY Holidays in 2016lidays in 2016

2. February

February Holidays in 20163. March

march Holidays in 20164. April

april Holidays in 20165. May

May Holidays in 2016 6. June

june Holidays in 20167. July


8. August

August Holidays in 20169. September

September Holidays in 2016 10. October

october Holidays in 2016 11. November

NOVEMBER Holidays in 201612. December

December Holidays in 2016

Told you 2016 is bliss for every employee, call your friends and plan it together now!

1 Jan 2016
Avni S. Singh

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