Not once since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out has there been one normal day for anyone anywhere on the planet. And when it comes to India, then it seems that while the situation may not anymore be out of hands, there are still concerns regarding the ability of different states to address the situation. Even as one may have thought that the new year may bring about some relief to the unrest, the development of the COVID 19 vaccine being such a plus, it doesn’t appear as if all’s going great for a few states, in particular, in India. Kerala, it appears, is one of them.

So what really happened? Why is there concern at the moment regarding the COVID 19 cases in Kerala?

The national news at this time is suggesting that the southern state of Kerala is responsible for a lot of COVID cases that are troubling India. It must be duly noted that no fewer than 44% the COVID 19 cases in the country, in entirety, are currently in Kerala.

This clearly brings us to do some reality check. Simply put gone are the days where the state was looked up to for being this model where it came to checking of the COVID 19 cases. The greater ones vigilance in being aware of this medical anomaly, the greater ones chances toward sailing to safer shores. And Kerala, with a proactive medical system was duly addressing the cases when the pandemic first broke out.

Though due to the constant rise in the COVID 19 cases in Kerala, it appears that those days are gone. One wonders, what may have happened for the situation to have turned so dire, if at all, one must use that expression?

A recent update from the Kerala Health Ministry puts to light the cause of trouble and just why national news is hovering around the COVID 19 cases in Kerala.

It’s been confirmed that the state’s COVID 19 positivity rate is five times the national average. This, in reality, is in stark contrast to the remainder of the states- wondering why?

Several Indian states are reporting the COVID 19 cases as being as low as the May-June levels. Meanwhile, in “God’s Own Country,” beds in several hospitals are almost full.

growing COVID 19 cases in Kerala
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Some updates from the Hindustan Times happened to suggest:

As of now, the situation is under control but if the situation aggravates the health ministry will have to find other alternatives like makeshift hospitals for Covid patients,”

According to the ministry, there are 3,050 ICU beds — 1,200 in government hospitals and 1,850 in the private sector — and of them about 90% are occupied.

This situation wrought with fear can be blamed on a sense of oversight that got the medical system of the troubled state where it is being said that there has been a sort of over-dependance on antigen tests.

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Now in reality, these tests are actually less accurate. When compared to the reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) tests, that are believed to be the gold standard for Covid-19 diagnosis, these said tests don’t really help all that much. Moreover, the state, it is believed, has been flaunting old test records in order to justify that all’s well when it is not.

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