For the longest possible time, the prices of fuel were being debated rather endlessly in the country. Of course, for the common man and for those bound by jobs, constant rigors of work, even the tiniest of increases in prices of fuel can lead to an outpour of tears. And truth be told, it’s not hard to understand why.

Only now, after months of meme-generating on social media, a constant barrage of Tweets in the microblogging stratosphere, and perhaps, post an endless run of nationally televised debates have the prices of fuel been slashed.

And this time, the relief is of a wonderful 2.5 Rs. Given where the astronomical prices of fuel were reaching in the world’s largest democracy, this is, in some ways, a watershed moment of sorts- is it not?

As per the latest developments on the matter, as many as 10 states in India have got this major relief, in the form of the slashing of prices of fuel.

At the present moment, states like Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Bihar, and others have followed the directives issued by the centre. And that said, it can also be submitted, in earnest, that months after becoming a subject of gore and bereavement by the public, for a change, the Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has found some respite.

He directed the states to follow the procedure carried out (or directed) by the centre as early as possible. Having said that, one can only wonder what might the feeling of the various oil marketing companies be, at this point in time? If you think of it, then, a slashing of fuel price by a margin of 2.5 rupees isn’t a soft call, it’s a severe and non-stunted measure of sorts; a kind of scenario that takes into consideration quantum of a subject matter.

And when it comes to a subject like the prices of fuel, then one understands just how important it is for India, a country where dozens and dozens work and represent the working class struggles; where the youth is constantly on the move, where all industries whether or not related to marketing, infrastructure, manufacture, IT, rest on mobilization of resources, transportation, logistics and hence, become reliant on prices of petrol and diesel- isn’t it?

In relation to a move that’s come as a welcome change of sorts for the plight of millions of Indians, Mr. Arun Jaitley said the following: “We have taken this step because international oil prices are very uncertain. It is not at all sure what will happen in Iran,” Shri Jaitley said, referring to the US sanctions, which the government maintains, have led to the rise in prices of crude oil.

But while this news is certainly trending on every layer of the Internet Stratosphere, one cannot say with an absolute authority whether this step is going to stick or not.

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