Yesterday Mr. Somnath Bharti was arrested on the charges of damaging AIIMS property and assaulting the guards of the hospital but just hours after the arrest, he was granted bail by the court citing the reason that being a lawmaker his chances of fleeing are negligible.

Mr. Bharti said that the wall which was demolished by him was in the public interest as AIIMS was not allowing any legitimate access.

This was the second arrest of an AAP leader in last two days as Amanatullah Khan got arrested on the accusation of sexual assault by his relative. Both Amanatullah and Bharti got bail yesterday.

Somnath Bharti is already on bail for a case of sexual assault registered by his wife last year. This is the 15th arrest of any Aam Aadmi Party leader since the party came into power.

Within hours of his arrest Mr. Bharti got bail from the Saket Court with conditions of not influencing the witnesses and co-operating in the ongoing probe whenever required by the authorities.

Since the guards assaulted by Mr. Bharti were hired through a private agency, hence, the case of assault on government officers can not be charged on him.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s ongoing campaign may get affected by all these allegations imposed on AAP leaders.

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23 September 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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