There’s something about Monday mornings, isn’t it? After the fun-filled weekend is over, with the entire duration of Friday bringing in a lot of cheer followed by the easy-going Saturday and the restful Sunday bringing relaxation, the feeling of Monday hitting us over with deadlines, timelines, and all that are pending can be overwhelming.

Isn’t it?

But, having said that, what isn’t most bearable by any stretch of the imagination is when a piece of negative news reaches you and that too right at the start of a weekday. Isn’t it?

So what is one to do at that point in time?

Well, let’s stop running around in circles, even if the idea was to delay the hit that would be but inevitable.

Maybe it suffices to say that the morning of Monday 14 January 2019 may not exactly inspire Delhi residents one bit, what say?

This new year 2019 has fetched one and all a sudden news right at the start of the year itself. Wonder what can be worse than the petrol prices reaching Rs 70 per litre?

Petrol And Diesel Prices
image source: MyNews

Have you thought of anything else that could be worse or wrong? But the remainder of the country needn’t worry. This time, Delhi is the sufferer, in case you didn’t know.

Interestingly, coinciding with the occasion of Makar-Sankranti, the fuel prices, for the first time in the country’s capital city have reached what can only be said to be an astronomically-high price.

How else is one going to put it anyways?

So that leaves us to ponder over what exactly is the fuel price of petrol and diesel per litre?

Here’s the hard fact.

The petrol price at this point in Delhi is precisely Rs 70.13 while the price for diesel per litre is 64.18 respectively.

So isn’t that something that devoids one of any possibility of a smile?

The overall hike that one’s come to observe in Delhi is that of 38 paise in the price of petrol while the hike in diesel is even steeper, being 49 paise.

The Economic Times also reported about the prices of petrol and diesel in the city of dream, Mumbai. There, the denizens of a city that pays the highest percentage of tax when compared to other metropolitan cities are paying, is Rs 75.7 and Rs 65.7 for petrol and diesel respectively.

Well, this is, in no ways to suggest that the steep prices that the city of Mumbai is enduring are any less whatsoever. But now, given the recent rise in the prices of fuel in the capital make Delhi, along with Mumbai, a great sufferer so to speak.

In fact, here’s what one might be interested in knowing.

In the last week of 2018, as the year was drawing to a close, the fuel prices had actually witnessed a dip, having plummetted to what was then, the lowest mark. But then, well, the rise in 2019’s very beginning has sort of nullified all of that- isn’t it?

So what is one to say- nice strategy or necessary move? What’s your verdict?

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