If you thought euphoria of holidays and happiness will cease once the year will end, then surely you have not seen the calendar of next year. If you have missed holidays this year you don’t have to be disheartened.

A sense of exuberance is waiting to embrace worn out souls. Tomorrow is a new day with all hopes and planes. What needs to be done is proper planning. So, here is the assistance provided, so that you can plan your holiday in advance. Plan accordingly to infuse your life with vigour and zest. 2016 is giving ample opportunity to mend the plans which were not feasible this year.

Next year is bombarding extended weekend leaves and the starting bonanza is given by the Month of January.

Next year again there is Mauka Mauka for holidays.January 23rd to 26th, Opt leave for Monday

26th January is on Tuesday, so you can take leave on Monday, as it will give you a four day extended weekend to celebrate. From Friday 22nd January till 26th January you can enjoy the four-day long break.

March 2016
March 2016

March 24th TO 28TH: Effervescence is waiting to hold with full weekend ‘aish’

In March On 24th and 25th i.e. on Thursday and Friday, there is off of Holi and Good Friday so after playing Holi, one can explore areas around Delhi till Sunday 28th March 2016.

Next year again there is Mauka Mauka for holidays.
August 2016

August 13th to 15th: Enthusiasm of Independence Day with keenness of holiday.

Next extended leave you can avail is in Month of August on 15th August 2015 the day is Monday. Celebrate Independence Day with all pomp and show.

Next year again there is Mauka Mauka for holidays.
September 2016

September 10th to 12th: Leave of Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) is on Monday is on 12 September 2016.

Next year again there is Mauka Mauka for holidays.
October 2016

October 8th till 11th: Opt for leave on Monday

Tuesday 11th October 2016, Dussehra will add gusto in life, you can take leave on Monday and club it with weekend to share bliss with your family or friends.

However, all this ecstatic info will turn bit sour as Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali and Christmas all these three leaves are on Sunday. Still we should not have complains, there should be gratification to the all the extended weekend which will be blessed.

Still the extended weekends mentioned are blessing in disguise. A holiday is all about happy time.

16 November 2015

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