Milind Soman is undoubtedly the ‘Iron Man Of India’ and his mother proved that she is no less. Apparently, Milind Soman is the talk of the town nowadays for his 527 kilometres run barefoot from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and he completed ‘The Great India Run’ a couple of hours ago. 527 kilometres from Ahmedabad to Mumbai just in eight days, it sounds like some superhero run. Isn’t it ?

We all agree that he is doing a great job to spread the fitness awareness in India but in this 527 kilometres run the real show stealer was his 78-year-old mother, Usha Soman. For all those who do not know, she is not only a marathoner but also a lifetime fitness enthusiast. She is also one of Milind’s inspirations, to take up the sport of endurance running.

This 78-year-old lady not only joined her son mid-run but also kicked it off barefoot wearing a saree. Can you beat that? Though Milind’s other friends also joined him on and off the run but his mother’s participation was an inspiration for all the lazy As**s out there.

Check Out This Video Of Her:

Isn’t she giving us the major fitness goal? What are you thinking? Sweat it out now!

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4 August 2016
Avni S. Singh