Lord Shiva is known as “Devo Ke Dev” and there is a reason he is called “Mahadev”(The principal deity). Shiva is an epitome of inspiration, he is one God who is a sole definition of wisdom. Most of us bewilder in our lives too often, here are 7 teachings of Lord Shiva that will teach you the wisdom to live your life truthfully. You can learn so much from all of them. He is the supreme being who can turn into a destructor, protector or a transformer.

Lord Shiva Life Lessons

As lethal as his wrath is, he can be easily pleased and can shower his blessings on devotees. Shiva is one of the few gods who has many shades hidden in their personality (Such as Krishna). The monsoon month has started and it is devoted to Lord Shiva, it is said that if you worship Lord Shiva aka Bholenath with sincere devotion and a clean heart, he fulfills all of your desires.

Here are teachings of Lord Shiva that will teach you the wisdom to live your life truthfully.

1. Never Ever Tolerate Evil

teachings of lord Shiva
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Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer of the evil in the universe. He is known to punish all those who chose the evil path in their life simply because he never tolerates injustice. Just like the almighty we all should never tolerate evil in our lives.

Even if there is a pinch of something evil happening around us we should take a stand to stop it. Keeping zero tolerance against injustice is one of the morals Shiva stands for!

2. Self-Control is Must to Embrace Life – Teachings of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Names

Scattered thoughts and uncontrolled mind are the reason behind most of the chaos in our life. It could lead to a disastrous living. Shiva is a perfect idol if you need to keep your mind aligned with your goals.

You need to focus in your life or else you will prey to your desires and addictions. It’s necessary to lead a happy life.

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3. Keep Your Mind Calm – Teachings of Lord Shiva

teachings of lord shiva

Shiva himself is always meditating until unless there is a major reason to open up his eyes. He is also known as ‘Maha Yogi’ and he does that so that he could think of the well-being of the universe clearly. Keeping your mind in a calm-state will get you through most of the difficult situations in life.

Silencing your mind gives you enough clarity of thought to sort any problem in the world and it is considered as the best strategy ever.

4. Materialistic Happiness Has a Shell Life of a Moth!

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Shiva, the almighty who could have anything in this world. Any luxury you could imagine is just a thought away from him but think of him just for a second…… His attire, his weapon, his lifestyle.. everything is minimal. Why?

He always stay away from wealth and he always keep himself afar from materialistic things because the god knows that these things will not provide inner happiness…all the happiness that we get from materialistic things is temporary… so never attach yourself to such things, instead find your happiness in events and life experiences.

5. Suppress Negativity With Grace!

Lord Shiva Life Lessons

In the times of Samudra Manthan when Deities and Asuras are dividing things, none of them was ready to accept the poison ‘halahala’ as nobody could consume it and survive but Shiva swallowed it and suppressed it in his throat after which he was given the name “Neelkanth.”

This incident is a great lesson for how we should always try to suppress the negativity around us and try to turn it into positive things.

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6. Respect Your Partner

Lord Shiva Names | Ardhanarishvara

One of the most loved and worshiped avatar of Lord Shiva is ‘Ardhanarishwar’. In this avatar half of the body is Shiva and the other half is Parvati. He always treated Parvati as his equal and with the utmost respect.

He always considered her as his source of power “Shakti” and gave her the well-deserved importance. ‘Ardhanarishwar’ symbolizes that we should always respect our partner.

7. Let Go Off Pride 


Our ego is the only hurdle that prevents us from attaining great thing in our lives. Our ego is one thing that comes between our dreams and goals of life. It’s poisonous as it turns us into an unloving person.

Shiva believes in keeping your ego in check in every stage of his life. He never let his ego take over his head nor did he tolerates anyone else’s ego and that’s what we should do.

These 7 Teachings of Lord Shiva are boon in words. If you mastered all these your life will most likely become simple and sorted. Also, you would achieve great heights and become a better human.

Bham Bhole!

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