Among the professions that experience vast competition much like other challenging vocations in India such as engineering and management happens to be Law. Given the massive competition that exists in a country like India, one has to be prepared to embrace a huge competition, with more and more youngsters getting ready to foray int this direction.

Judicial services are among the most prestigious services in all of India and even to this day, continue to attract the best talents from all corners of the nation.

And one wonders, what can explain the above rationale better than evidencing a piece of news that is spread like wildfire in all parts of the country?

It appears that soon, India will have its youngest judge, a smart, bright fellow who’s no more than just 21 years of age. All set to become India’s youngest judge, Mayank Pratap Singh of Jaipur is currently hogging all the limelight and deservingly so.

Mayank Pratap Singh, who is well on course to become India’s youngest judge hails from Rajasthan and in a recent press interaction shared that since the beginning, he was drawn to the legal profession, having profound respect for the judicial services.

Back in 2014, he shared, he sought admission in a five-year LLB course from the Rajasthan University, his academic program coming to an end this year.

But that said, implicit in Mayank Pratap Singh’s success was his cracking the Rajasthan Judicial services exam, that took place in 2018, at a time where he was just 21 years of age. Of course, without a doubt, having successfully cracked the exam means that the Jaipur youngster is on his way to becoming India’s youngest judge.

On this amazing occasion, one that’s fetched him and his family a lot of joy, having spurred them with unbound enthusiasm, Mayank Pratap Singh shared some thoughts with the media:

“I am elated with my success and I thank my family, teachers and all well-wishers for their contribution which helped me crack the exam in the first attempt,” he added. But what one must understand is that getting the better of an examination like the Rajasthan judicial services exam isn’t an easy task or a child’s play.

Even as the original age requirement for appearing for the said examination has always been 23 years, the Rajasthan High Court carried out a little change, reducing it by two years in 2019. Therefore, making it 21, at the end of the day.

Sharing his piece of mind on this move, Mayank Pratap Singh shared that the move of Rajasthan High Court was in the right direction as it would help in filling the vacancies of the positions that had hitherto been lying vacant.

And on what lies ahead and how he feels his life is shaping at the moment, here is what the avid youngster had to share:

“I could appear in the exam only because the minimum age was reduced. Had it not been so then I would not have been eligible. I think it will benefit me because now I will get more time to learn and do more work and serve more people in my career because I joined at such a young age,” he added.

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