Whenever there’s a piece of news regarding the Indian Railways or from the stable of the Indian railways, there’s this unparalleled excitement. This could be for the very reason all of us feel commonly about: nostalgia or the thrill to travel in one of the most loved modes of movement or mobility in the country. The films, the childhood rides, the memorable passengers, and the interactions; the friendships; the bonds. All of these have often sparked something wonderful in our souls.

And it could be trusted that none of this could ever have been achieved had it not been for the railways. And now, it appears, after almost a year of dabbling with the pandemic-marred challenges, there’s stellar news for those who love and get excited by the prospect of the Indian railways.

Indian Railways Passenger Train | Indian Railways to start thirty two new trains
Image Source: India TV news

Guess what? It concerns a brand new piece of development that’s about 32 new trains that could well be a part of the Indian Railways stable and get launched soon.

Now, a question must be asked: just how many of us ever thought about something like that? But what an occasion, right? A brand new year and with it, something fascinating in the regards to a key segment of the Indian economy and a major contributor toward nation-wide employment.

What needs to be noted is that in the wake of the upcoming festival of Holi and with there being some control in the pandemic, Indian Railways took an important decision to run 32 new trains around the festival time.

In a bid to control (or manage) the usual rush around the festival time of Holi, the said decision has been taken by the Railways.

A usual scenario in the country around the time of key festivals is the burgeoning rush owing to the mass movement of people from a place to another as people tend to travel more (and in the majority of cases) to their homeland or native place. Now, as a result of this mass movement, one confronts an unusual rush, which will now be arrested in the wake of the decision to operate no fewer than 32 new trains.

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That being said, clear information was published in the public domain concerning all 32 new trains that are going to commence their journeys in the imminent future in India. One can note some of the trains as follows:

03509- Asansol-Gonda Special. Feb 2. Every Monday at 4.15 pm.     

03510- Gonda-Asansol Special. February 3. Every Wednesday at 3pm from Gonda.     

03418- Malda Town-Digha Special. February 4. Every Thursday at 7.50 am.    

03417- Digha-Malda Town Special. Feb 4. Every Thursday at 11.50pm     

03415- Malda Town-Patna Special. February 3. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8.0pm   

03416- Patna-Malda Town Special. February 4. Every Thursday, Saturday and Monday at 9.55 pm     

03425– Malda Town-Surat Special. February 6. Every Saturday at 12.30 pm 

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