It’s the country of colours, creativity and culture. It’s also a young country, according to stats, number crunchers and social commentators and critics. It’s amongst the fastest growing economies of the world, even as the farmers- responsible for churning much of the agricultural produce toward the economy- are often committing suicide. Yet, there’s a problem India has that most aren’t bothered to read.

India is an ageing country. Even as this point in time, at least more than 55 per cent of the country has a population that’s 29 and below, that may not always be the case in the near future.

In case, you are wondering just what is going on- here’s a tiny clue. India has an ageing issue that either few are aware of or a very tiny lot understands in the entirety.

Here’s the main case in point. Estimates point to a rather disturbing realisation that descends almost immediately when you understand and delve into India’s future population and age projection.

So what are we waiting for, let’s hit the bar hard? By 2050, it is believed, the number of people in India above the age of 60 will rise to somewhere around 340 million. That’s not a lame number. That’s a serious statistic. That tells you more than a thing or two about a country that’s often painted rather richly, luxuriously in terms of its youth make-up.

Isn’t it? What are your thoughts? Some estimates from the revered HelpAge India peg the number at a rather serious 324 million-340 million.

While it’s perfunctory and needless to add that India’s aged population alone is somewhere 300 times more than the population of an Israel or 250 times than that of Finland, there’s something else that one really needs to consider.

During 2000-2050, the overall population of India is expected to grow by a whopping 50 % (per cent).

The UN projected the 60 plus population to grow to 316.8 million by the year 2050 and that leaves us with a bit of a disparity, truth be told.
But in whatever case, whether the numbers submitted by the UN are correct or those by HelpAge are exact- we are indeed dealing with a dilemma or a predicament of sorts. Isn’t it?
What is India to do in the course of the future where the current young, youthful and exuberant population is about to experience a larger half of the country well over 60? In fact, this is no ordinary predicament also.
News portals such as the Times of India have quickly latched on to the subject and shared some rather interesting comments that have been coming in ever since the future population numbers were shared:
“With the increase in the population of the elderly, several measures will have to be taken in, such as the routine health check-ups. Because, as it is, the penetration of health-insurance amongst the elderly in the country isn’t all that great,” said Dr Manisha Arora, from Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute.
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