The three-letter long simple or seemingly honest phrase: India during lockdown. Always remember, this isn’t a truly harmless phrase simple as it may sound. And now, with almost an entire month and a half that has been already spent behind the curtains- well, how else are going to talk about it- it now appears that there’s obviously a difficulty in identifying any positive whatsoever during the lockdown.

For a country so used to its economic bustle, an environment that gets its staple diet with solid economic interaction with the wider world, if anything, then India during the lockdown we’ve come to see has been one that’s lacked obvious usual flair.

Let’s not even get into the kind of damages this period of utter economic inactivity has enforced on us all; probably only the remainder of what’s to come in 2020 can unfurl whether the damage is irreparable or not.

Well, let’s just hope that it is, it truly is. Else we are all going to suffer. Nonetheless, if there was anything like a frail shot of positivity that one found with India during the lockdown then it pertains to a rather uncanny business opportunity that the country got its hands onto related to the current atmoshpere of chaos.

So what exactly happened that seems to have worked in favor of India during the lockdown?

Truth be told, it’s no longer a revelation but a basic fact that Europe, in particular, has had to face a lot of heat given the situation in the wider world, where the Coronavirus pandemic has been rather harsh and unsparing.

We know the kind of casualties the Covid-19 pandemic has led to- don’t we? In that light, it’s believed that India is soon going to send approximately 1,000 tonnes of raw material required to make the Paracetamol.

Now, to anyone who may have wondered whether the Covid-19 has completely robbed the country of all kinds of trade and business opportunity- then this is the sort of news that does repose some faith after all.

While surely, there’s nothing pretty about an entire continent having to import a whopping amount of raw-material needed to manufacture a medicine that fights fever and cold but surely, India Inc. would take it any day. Right?

In that regard, here’s what a press release had to say about the entire matter that does suggest that this is a critical business opportunity for a country that is clearly looking for some:

The Indian government in March put a hold on exports of several drugs including paracetamol to secure supplies for its people after the coronavirus outbreak disrupted the industry’s supply chain globally. COVID-19 is the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Europe has sought up to 800 tonnes of paracetamol APIs every month, said Dinesh Dua, chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil).

Indian authorities have asked drugmakers to ensure the country is adequately stocked for up to four months of domestic requirements, Dua said.

That being said, the healthcare sector, after all, is the only sector where there’s been a constant activity and no dullness, whatsoever, especially given the challenging times the world has found itself amid.

Although, India does have its own share of problems, the total number of cases currently being around 49,000. Meanwhile, even as parts of Europe such as Finland, Italy, and Germany have finally decided to ease up the lockdown restrictions, countries like France, such an irreplaceable part of the continent are still persisting with stringent guidelines, with the healthcare emergency apparently extending until early July.

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