Going by the headline of the article, do you think guesswork is what you should be doing in order to determine the cost of this test? And that too, in an extreme situation like the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to hundreds and thousands of deaths? Like, maybe, think twice, take that typical long breath, get calculative and determine what’s right for you or not. Well, chuck all of that. Why? Here’s the thing! Do you plan or wait for a long time before getting into something serious such as when matters concern one’s health? No right?

cost of Corona Test in Delhi
source: The Financial Express

So why worry about what a Corona test in Delhi is going to cost you? Nonetheless, the news of the moment is that getting a Corona test in Delhi right now is going to cost one no more than Rs 2400. Now, here’s the catch.

Earlier, up until now, getting a Corona test in Delhi would cost anyone- regardless of earning, income or whatever- no less than Rs 4,500. This, to some, was perhaps a big amount of money.

This was, under no circumstances a tiny figure; people from those income backgrounds that have little for savings and where every penny counts may have bothered a great deal about it being a huge sum of money.

While we live in air-conditioned homes, go binge-watching as per the whims and fancies of our Netflix-dominant life, do not think much before hopping into a car and checking into a big five-star over a weekend, and on other occasions, decide to converge on a cross-country drive, when there are always those who think before spending every penny.

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Isn’t that right? But today, things like Coronavirus, that doesn’t look for economic background before biting one has made even illness a level-playing field.

Having said that, there are always some remote chances of finding positives always, no matter how grave or normal a situation. This is probably why any piece of news that’s concerned with an important cost-cutting measure can never leave any scope for an extra thought.

Now, anyone who may have previously felt lazy or just unconcerned about getting himself checked for Coronavirus has a way out.

Instead of sitting back and worrying about the cost of the Coronavirus test, finding excuses like I’ll ‘get it done’ later- the truth is, things like that are no longer valid or legit reasons.

There cannot be any scope for complacency.

In fact, looking at the haphazard and not so nice nature of things of late in Delhi hospitals, it was none other than the honorable Home Minister’s idea to intervene and get something done urgently in the national capital of the country.

Furthermore, noted news network NDTV shared some other key insights on the matter:

Terming the decision as “ïmportant”, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the new measures will  ramp up testing for the coronavirus infection in the city-state, which is among the worst-affected in the country.

“Corona Testing in Delhi – two important events took place in Delhi 

 1. Testing rate reduced to Rs. 2400 in Delhi

 2. Rapid antigen testing started in Delhi from today, results are available in 15 minutes.

I hope that now people of Delhi will not have any problem of testing,” Mr Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.

Delhi was earlier following the Rs 4,500 per test cap ordered by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the government’s nodal body in this health crisis.

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Having told that, the above measures are a part of the closely-watched plan to extend aid and relief to the common man.

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