Few families and personalities, truth be told, are as polarised as the Kardashian sisters. While on the one hand, they are really considered as demi-goddesses for their sheer popularity owing to their fashion choices (and style choices), the kinds of clothes and outfits they wear in public and even for the food (and where they eat), they are often trolled for perhaps bringing a bit of too much of their personal lives out there on social media.

Yet, at the same time, the Kardashians sisters, renowned for a penchant of style and a fierce sense of independence, it has to be said, have made a mark in the public’s consciousness like few other people have.

In the days where they were fairly new to the American audience as also to the rest of the world that now stays in awe of pretty much everything they do – what they eat, where they eat, their brand and fashion choices, who they hang out with- the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians made them a household name. It’s even become a shadow of their fame. And perhaps, where the present moment stands- where Kim and Kourtney and other sisters- are being massively thanked by Spanx founder Sara Blakely- it appears that the show may have had something to do with this facet and what Kim Kardashian did in the aftermath.

Seen wearing a lot of Spanx outfits, the famous Kim Kardashian became one of the few initial figures who sort of popularised and led to a somewhat propulsion of the Spanx brand. The rule is simple and also, uncomplicated. Fashion becomes fashion when someone fashionably wears or promotes it- isn’t it?

Subsequently, when other scores of social media celebrities, among whom are Kim Kardashian’s own sisters- Kylie Jenner, 20- became a frequent user of the Spanx brand, the word would spread even further. True to the psyche of fans in today’s day and age, where one feels compelled to try or use a product or service is influenced when one’s icons or pop-culture influencers use it, the name Spanx would soon grow out bigger and attract even other sets of celebrities.


All of this would mean that the mega-successful founder of the brand- Sara Blakely- would become even more successful. And truthfully speaking, she deserves the plaudits for the super brand that she established, one that today many an American woman simply doesn’t do without. In this regard, Sara Blakely came out in open support of the Kardashian sisters, who she earnestly thanked for having done their own bit in contributing to her brand’s popularity. While it is one thing to establish a mega brand that functions on its own legs and propels individual users to try it, it is something quite other, to have scores of celebrities try it out and offer a kind word or two for it.

Today, Sara Blakely, it has to be said, is one of the more famous entrepreneurs around. Her personal wealth is around some $1.11 billion- a mile away from where they once was and thanks to all the sweat, hard work and effort that she’s put in channelising her inner talent to extract the best for Spanx- it’s heartening to note that those who supported her in her journey haven’t been forgotten.

One of the famous sights from Keeping Up With The Kardashians was Kim Kardashian wearing a nude-coloured shapewear capris. Since then, Kim wore a yellow gown with a slit going all the way up to her hip, and as she sat with her legs crossed, revealed the pair of nude shorts she was wearing under her dress.

The image, since then, has stuck out and been seen around on a plenty of occasions. While some prefer the normal wear, the others, it is believed, a high-waist up body-hugging capris.

Having started her entrepreneurial journey with nothing more than $5000 in the journey, for the lack of a better word- it’s simply incredible where Sara Blakely has landed her brand, among the USA’s most reliable inner-wear brand for the ladies. Having proven her kindness and simplicity at having not forgotten to thank those who were there by her side all throughout, the famous Spanx founder has given a proof of her good side.

Interestingly, here’s something that some of us may find fascinating regarding Sara Blakely’s initial efforts to appraise her brand among the Americans: It is believed, Sara had also sent samples to Oprah Winfrey’s stylist, and in November 2000, the talk-show host named Spanx her favorite product of the year, helping the company make $4 million in its first year.

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