There’s always something or the other that eats up our attention, and often, all the time- no? In fact, given the buzzing world, we are a part of, needless to state- there are all sorts of pieces of news. Some are good and positively influencing. There are others that aren’t too enterprising in their outlook. Then there are those pieces of news you simply don’t want to hear about- isn’t it? What is the first impression in your mind when someone says Coronavirus!

What is one to do during times of duress such as these? What is one to do when an entire country experiences what can only be called an absolutely gobsmacking and challenging period marked by an unprecedented rise in a condition as serious as Coronavirus?

The answers perhaps lie somewhere in the realm of the future but it is, nonetheless, the present that worries us and may just continue to do so, in the times to come.

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Not for anything is the dreaded Coronavirus posing such a scare and at a humungous scale that only it can and none saw coming. So far, having claimed as many as 79 lives in Italy, and around 2,500 cases, the malaise called Coronavirus is spreading by the tick of the clock.

The woes are further exacerbated by rising cases in India, the world’s largest democracy, where until now, 29 cases have been registered, 6 of them alone in the state of Telangana.

As if the global epidemic hadn’t already reached the United States of America, where, it is believed California already experienced 1 fatality and several other registered cases, the worst, some would say, is yet to come!

What kind of a start has the first quarter of a brand new year unfurled- we may wonder- for us all. Isn’t it?

But if you are in India, whether you’re traveling outside the country or expected to visit the country from someplace else, here’s what you need to know:

Apparently, all international passengers are going to be screened without any further delay. And it’s not too hard to understand why truth be told.

The ruling government of the Republic of India has already put forth public awareness messages, especially in the wake of the arrival of Holi, which, it is needless to say, among the most widely-celebrated and keenly-awaited festivals in the country.

Furthermore, the Economic Times published the following piece of information for one and all:

A total of six coronavirus cases including one Italian was reported in the country as on Tuesday.

With Holi less than a week away on March 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, BJP president J P Nadda and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said they would not celebrate the festival of colours or hold any Holi Milan gathering. President Ram Nath Kovind’s office also said Rashtrapati Bhavan will not hold any Holi gathering.

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So that said, what are you going to do about keeping yourself and your family safe- at all times- against this macabre evil? Better safe than sorry- obviously right?

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