There has been a lot of talk and controversy surrounding the recent hospital visit by Indian Prime Minister Modi, who went up north to visit the injured Indian soldiers fighting the aggressors: the Chinese army who are functioning like expansionists. It was being said by some media outlets that in real, the Indian Prime Minister never actually went up at the Military hospital in Leh, to pay the soldiers who are putting their lives on the line (for nation service) a visit.

Modi Ladakh Hospital Visit

For real, this news is absolutely misleading and absolutely unfounded. In fact, one could call it part of false propaganda floated deliberately in the news to misguide people. Such a sentiment, it beckons a thought, is anti-national, maybe, is it not?

Nonetheless, the Indian Army, who were pumped by seeing Prime Minister Modi visit the soldiers who were convalescing in the hospital, nursing grave injuries hasn’t sat down in quiet. They’ve responded bravely and given their piece of mind to all those who were touting PM Modi’s visit a ‘figment of one’s imagination.’

Now, this raises a question. Just what did the Indian Army have to say in its reply to those miscreants who were perhaps propagating their own self-serving interests?

Two adjectives, if it might be said, explain the prompt response of the Indian Army who hit back at the country’s detractors, a majority of which are just rumor mongers and hate spreaders on social media.

These two words are malicious and unsubstantiated.

Some portions of the media reports on social media were trying to state that the Indian Prime Minister visited what can only be called an imaginary hospital and not some actual medical facility up north at Leh, in a bid to express concern and take cognizance of the injured soldiers.

But when there are lies and misguided information, someone has to stand up and offer some light. In that regard, it was brilliant to see the response of the venerable Indian Army, who, in an official statement, now available in the public domain happened to say:

“There have been malicious and unsubstantiated accusations in some quarters regarding the status of the facility visited by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during his visit to the General Hospital at Leh on July 03, 2020.”

The above clarification came a day after the country’s eminent political luminary went to Leh to meet the Indian Army soldiers.

Furthermore, there was also an official statement from the country’s Defence Ministry which said, “It is unfortunate that aspersions are being cast on how our brave Armed Forces are treated. The Armed Forces give the best possible treatment to their personnel. It is clarified that the said facility is part of the Crisis Expansion capacity of 100 beds and is very much part of the General Hospital complex.”

In addition to the above, the Indian Army also stated the condition in which some of the currently injured soldiers had been kept, “Hence, this hall which otherwise was normally used as a Training Audio Video Hall was converted into a ward ever since the hospital was also designated as COVID treatment hospital.”

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In all, it’s important to note that social media, as we’ve come to know it, time and again floats misguiding information. Why would the country’s PM do something at such a precarious situation that’s not even real or true? Let’s give it a good think!

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