The COVID cases in India, you may or may not know, are actually pointing to a troubling number, at least at this point in time. At a time where everyone’s been wanting to see a positive day, and have the virus disperse into oblivion, should one put it like that, it appears that there still isn’t any easy day for the majority of the country’s population. So the question is simple- just how is that? What is going on in India? Are we really on the edge?

Apparently, here’s what is drawing the attention from all corners:

India has around 18.6% of the entire planet’s COVID cases. Just if you thought that things were finally fine and that the country was about to step off from the rocky road, in comes a number that seems worrying. Doesn’t it?

Moreover, the figure that throws up a bit of exhaustion just by the statistical might doesn’t end there; there’s more to think about which might make one finally breathe easy.

Don’t get confused- simply read this. Apparently, what’s somewhere relief-giving is that India is also home to 21 percent of all the COVID recoveries (when compared to the remainder of the world).

There’s a greater need than before to dwell into the math behind the stiking numbers.

The larger number of recoveries that one can sense from the aforementioned is important due to fewer deaths in the country. But this, in itself, doesn’t tell the entire picture. What must also understand is that there have been fewer deaths also because the number of infections does not seem to be that high.

COVID cases in India | 2020 deaths due to COVID cases in India
Image source: Al Jazeera

The above brings us to the point of understanding the fatality ratio of the cases in India. What shall definitely serve a bit of pleasantness after giving the country a hard time for months together, is the big positive that the common Indian needs to know.

Apparently, India does not have a dangerous fatality ratio pertaining to the COVID cases at all. So how is that? On the contrary, our country’s fatality ratio is one of the lowest in the world at 1.56 percent. Now when you compare it the world’s average, at this point in time, then you will note with a sense of relief that India is faring much better than the global average stacked at 2.97 percent.

Where are those worriers (not warriors for they’ve been stoic despite facing odds) now who thought that the COVID cases were constantly rising?

Here’s what a report published in the Hindustan Times had to say on the developing story:

The higher recoveries reported in India are largely owing to fewer deaths due to the infection. India’s case fatality ratio – fraction of people who died of the infection among those who tested positive – is one of the lowest in the world and currently stands at 1.56%, lower than the global average of 2.97%. And, much lower than countries like Mexico where the current CFR stands at about 10.9% and United Kingdom where it stands at 9.17%. The other countries where the CFR is lower than the global average are Russia with a CFR of 1.76%, South Africa with 2.49% and United States with 2.87%, the data from the ministry shows.

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