A recent report published on the revered CNN focuses on a survey that points to a startling number of COVID cases in India. As a matter of fact, there have been no fewer than 97,000 fatalities due to the COVID cases in India this year with nearly a quarter of a year still to go.

What’s telling about the report featured on CNN is that it points to the fact that around 63 million people in India ‘may’ have contracted the Coronavirus. But does that tell us something? What is startling about that piece of stat?

The most pressing matter in the report is that the number suggested by the survey is around 10 times higher than the numbers official reported figures.

So who is to blame?

While we don’t know a thing about that, what’s interesting is to focus one’s attention on what CNN had to report in the matter of COVID cases in India.

The survey, apparently, covered no fewer than 29,000 people from around 700 villages which turned out some telling numbers around antibodies against the Coronavirus.

The key finding was that one in fifteen people above the age of ten (10) had developed antibodies against the Coronavirus. And this isn’t some random finding; the numbers submitted by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

COVID cases in India | 2020 deaths due to COVID cases in India
Image source: Al Jazeera

Needless to state that the rising spate of COVID cases in India has led to an unsparing sense of attack on a host of things, such as: the growing cause of unemployment and critical existential concerns that now afflict members of different strata of the Indian society.

And while fresh reports suggest that it is only the super rich of the country who have grown their wealth by upto 20 percent, it is those stifled in the lower income groups that have suffered monumental losses. If one earning member of a family in whose hands rest the soul responsibility of running a household loses a job- which has happened to countless from the Indian hinterland- then the entire family goes bread-less.

In India, we are already aware of the plight of the bonded laborers and the migrant workers, countless of whom not only found their jobs snatched away (due to the lockdown and the problems therewith), with many losing their lives in the treacherous travail that ensued with people moving from cities back to their villages finding no mode of transportation.

But the CNN report offered in detail the predicament offered by the survey:

Of the country’s 1.3 billion citizens, more than 966 million are aged 10 or above, according to the government’s most recent census in the year 2011.

If one in 15 people of this group have been infected with Covid-19, that’s a total of 63.78 million people. As of Wednesday, India has reported more than 6.1 million cases and 96,000 deaths.

The aforementioned piece of data was compiled by the famous John Hopkins University.

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The survey suggests that for every one infection officially reported, there are actually 26 to 32 people infected who slip through the cracks.

All of that told, if this is not worrying, then what is in these challenging times?

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