Delhi is a city that we all admire for its spicy and versatile culinary culture. Moreover, it’s also a city that is looked up to with a lot of respect for its dense green cover, such an abundant relief from other urban spaces in India where a spate of rapid urbanization has encroached upon regular public life. We also like Delhi for its wide roads. But here’s a matter of truth.

Green Diwali
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All the above positives are more often than not, blanketed by a nearly poisonous envelope around the Diwali time all thanks to toxic crackers and the collective toll of pollution they generate.

And that’s really a morbid reality of Delhi that becomes every bit of an eyesore that none would want to meet. So as we once again approach the much-anticipated period of Diwali, a thought goes out to what might happen once again to the green and accommodating national capital region when the toxic crackers begin to strike?

While on the one hand, there’s this burgeoning concern about the city’s overall climate being engulfed in an air of despicable gloom that the toxic crackers look set to unfold, there’s also some hope. So what is it about?

A piece of recent news suggested that traders have shared their piece of mind about what is bound to happen in the imminent future.

Pollution In India

The police in the city have already begun licence distribution for green crackers- a much sought after measure to curb venomous pollution in India around Diwali time- but only 20 days prior to Diwali.

And before we dive any further, it’s important to recollect what transpired the last year. Last year, right before Diwali, the Supreme Court had banned all conventional firecrackers in a bid to promote and encourage the idea of “Green Diwali!”

Yet, what did one find on the festival day? To everyone’s utter disbelief, all were flustered to find the national capital region chocking with dangerous levels of pollution.

India Today has reported on the developing story and shared:

On Saturday, Harsh Vardhan, Union Health and Science & Technology Minister, promised that green crackers with 30 per cent less emissions will be available to help control pollution as well as take care of people’s sentiments.

But a Mail Today reality check has revealed that green crackers developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), are still not available in most markets and the situation may not change on Diwali (November 27).

Tuesday’s Dussehra may witness polluting fireworks, stockpiling of old firecrackers for Diwali has peaked and obnoxious Chinese products have already flooded shops, the reality check also showed.

Diwali Pollution | Toxic Crackers
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Very few traders have applied for licences to sell green varieties. Traders said the police began licence distribution for green crackers from October 7, with just 20 days to go for Diwali.

They said since the effigies for Dussehra are prepared at least a few days ahead of the festival, there was a great chance that crackers used are of traditional varieties.

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Sadar Bazar, one of the biggest wholesale markets for firecrackers, has not been able to procure anything because traders say licences haven’t been issued yet.

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