Well, here comes a piece of news that may not exactly prompt a big smile on the face of the average Delhi-ites. This is a piece of news that will, in fact, worry most of us, which is both residents of the capital city as well as those located in the other national capital territory regions, such as Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad. It will worry us in the sense that the forthcoming months, particularly April, may not bring one hundred percent good news for those who dread the summers!

So here’s what has happened and is making news.

Well, it appears that the temperature in Delhi in April will not exactly be a cause of incessant smiles or great relief.

But up first some context.

If you are someone who is currently in the capital city then you may have begun to experience slight periods of warm weather during different intervals of the day- right?

It’s almost as if, prior to February 19, 2020, it had begun to feel that the cold weather was gradually subsiding and that by the time that the afternoon approached, we had begun to feel slightly warmer than usual. Isn’t it? Then suddenly, there was a slight chill on Wednesday.

Generally speaking, by the time one approaches the end of February, we are already in the midst of the spring, which begins to take complete hold of the weather by the time we are in mid-March. Then, what follows later are the months marked with peak summers, in April, May, and June.

That being said, it may not be completely incorrect to suggest that what is to follow in the dreadfully warm months in May and June can be felt somewhat during April- right?

After all, April is our first exposure toward the warm weather that’s slated to follow. And therefore, in that regard, it is important to note that what lies ahead this year may not be great news.

While on the one hand bearing with the warm and unbearable heat is a challenge of a kind, just how would you react if you were told that the already insufferable heat would hit you around 1 to 1.5-degrees Celsius higher than usual?

That’s just the kind of stuff that we have to prepare for in what lies a little over a month ahead for us in Delhi.

And do not be conned by the idea that this could be some needless guesswork. The truth certainly is that the Indian Meteorological Department has declared that there is an “enhanced probability” of expecting what are “above normal” temperatures in various parts of the country in the days that lie ahead.

So here’s what could be disconcerting if it actually were to be true. In various regions, such as Central, Western, and Southern India, one may have to embrace above normal temperatures during the forthcoming period in April.

So whether it is the national capital of Delhi, or the other states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and parts of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana, expect warmer than normally warm weather during April. Now one wonders if that’s indeed true then what might happen to us in the peak summers of May and June?

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