Are there new cases in Delhi? It appears that no matter what might be the level of cases owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no breather of sorts in New Delhi.

In the last 24 hours, and this is not a very pretty statistic- out of the 5,947 samples of COVID-19 cases, 2,137 have been confirmed as having the virus.

How serious is that? And when will it get resolved?

This really goes to show something somewhere is tragically wrong about New Delhi and it cannot continue like this. This is when, of course, it’s for everyone to see that New Delhi is the national capital. The very fact that the national capital has to set an example for the others to follow, on the very contrary, the last 24 hours have seen anything but a breather of respite.

In fact, if anyone was not really aware of what was happening in New Delhi, then it really doesn’t paint a positive picture about the city at all.

For starters, it wasn’t too long ago that the Supreme Court pointed out the condition of Delhi hospitals, going as far as saying that the present condition is probably worse than that of animals, where it comes to the treatment of the dead bodies.

The very fact that not only are hospitals going out of the way caring for COVID-19 patients but that their treatment of dead bodies is absurd and saddening goes a long way to show that someone needs to pull up their socks.

Not only that the Supreme court took Delhi administration to the cleaners, reminding everyone just how much effort needs to go into making things right, there came a Tweet from Gautam Gambhir.

He simply shared, “Beware Delhi,” in a bid to jolt the sleepy head of an administration which is probably not doing anything close enough to understand the gravity of the situation.

Furthermore, what is going to happen now?

While on first thoughts, the only heartening piece of new is that many patients are getting better with some even recovering, not all is right.

This was brought out by a scathing statistic by LiveMint who happened to share:

Delhi saw 71 deaths due to coronavirus and 667 recovered/migrated/discharged in last 24 hours. Total number of positive cases in Delhi stands at 36,824, including 1214 deaths and 13,398 recovered/migrated/discharged, says Delhi govt’s latest Covid Health Bulletin.

Of total 5,947 samples tested on Friday, an overwhelming 2,137 people were tested positive for the infection. The Covid positivity rate is 35.9% for the day. Delhi has tested a cumulative total of 2,77,463 samples till Friday.

Total active cases in Delhi stands at 22,212. 523 new cases were admitted to hospitals on Friday and 369 were discharged.

All of that said, it all point to criminal negligence given the way things have happened and unfurled in the very city that is no stranger to countless medical facilities and hospitals.

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At the end of the day, the question concerns the plight of hundreds who’ve fallen in, are still getting checked and those that might catch hold of the infection.

Who is going to pay for the abrupt negligence? Can the Delhi Administration, finally wake up and put things right?

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