There’s got to be some sense and true weightage in the words that you and I are hearing about and constantly so at this point in time: “save the elders, take care of them, ask the elders to be homebound and in lines with a precautionary measure, request them to remain isolated!”

Why would we have heard this piece of advice or something similar to these abstract sentences? While surely, we do belong to a country where, let’s just put it that way- free advice is but a way of everyday life- generally speaking, serious words aren’t offered for no rhyme or reason. Right?

There’s got to be a sense of bother accompanying someone or with respect to an underlying situation and hence, these serious words. Right? After all, what can be more tricky or challenging than the current state in which one finds himself and his near and dear ones?

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would bring such a massive wave of trouble for mankind? Perhaps it may not be incorrect to suggest that nowadays, one’s day begins and ends with cautious words about how to keep oneself safe and at distance with the deadly virus, that somehow, and thankfully so, hasn’t afflicted the larger hold of the Indian population.

But would you take this situation lightly? And that told, not everyone is fortunate and not always, truth be told.

Say for instance the recently departed 68-year-old man from Mumbai. He was afflicted by the deadly Coronavirus and what’s really sad is that he had fully recovered a few days back.

But what’s left of the situation anyway?

Thus far, 3 people have died in the financial capital of India: Mumbai. But while from the outset, 3 is hardly a number to be afraid of or to feel intimidated by, think of it differently.

Mumbai Man Who Had Recovered From Coronavirus,  Died

Is this the time to take things lightly? Truthfully speaking, never before has the need to maintain absolute personal hygiene seemed more important than what we are finding at present.

But more on the recently departed suggests clearly that this isn’t the time to take things for granted. After all, what can get worse other than passing away only a few days after having fully recovered from the very ailment or affliction that one contracted (just days ago)?

Perhaps this is the time to allocate more importance to self hygiene and take precautionary measures, not for the heck of it, but in a truly holistic way.

The recent demise in the city of Mumbai took place (and was confirmed by) at the civic-run Kasturba hospital.

The man had been shifted to a private facility after his test reports had suggested that there wasn’t a dier life or death situation.

But that’s the thing with the deadly and infectious Coronavirus, isn’t it, that one cannot take one’s immunity for granted. Frankly speaking, this is the time for the elders to take absolute care of themselves for the virus breeds on the lack of immunity of the human body.

That’s precisely the area that the elders have to take care of. As one ages, the immunity of the body is known to clamp down. So where it comes to infectious bouts such as the harmful Coronavirus, the concept of weak immunity cannot be taken for granted.

While our thoughts go out to the recently deceased, here is a sincere request to everyone. Kindly take care of yourself and please consume food items that boost the body’s immunity.

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