While it was expected that the walk back to normal in the post-pandemic time may take some time, especially where the hugely competitive hotel industry and hospitality space is concerned, it seems the said business space in the city of Mumbai is taking even more time.

Fact is that the recovery for hospitality and hotel businesses have, thus far, in the post-lockdown phase, grown at snail’s pace, at 30 percent. That is neither too inspiring nor optimistic, what would you reckon?

But it can, at the same time, be said that for a place like Mumbai- that likes to be out there and to dine a hell lot more than probably other cosmopolitan or urban city- the piece of news is rather underwhelming.

No longer is the country is under the state of a lockdown; the worst is over and better times, you’d feel, are here and slowly taking shape. But when will that be the case for Mumbai’s restaurants and hotels, is the question?

But while there’s a real reason for concern, where Mumbai businesses stand, what’s also important is to note is that there’s a cause to the concern as well. And what is that?

It’s a fact that the kind of restrictions or impositions that have been imposed on this space in India’s financial capital are a bit too harsh. Ever thougth about that?

The fact that one of India’s most densely populated and thriving urban hubs is experiencing slow turnaround in businesses is down to the fact that there are several restrictions out in place.

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So what are these?

There’s not only a restriction on the menu

There’s also a restriction on the number of guests

And, resultantly, a combination of the above has hampered the growth so much so that when compared to the pre-Pandemic lockdown era, current business recoveries in hotels and restaurant space is only 30 percent.

That being told, here’s what Sherry Bhatia, President of Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India had to say on the subject:

“Our clients still do not have the confidence as they still fear Covid-19 virus infection. We are getting hardly 30% of the business, but this will eventually improve with time.”

Meanwhile, the underwhelming response in the post-COVID era is also being felt by hoteliers, with Pritam Hotels’ Gurbaxish Singh Kohli (who happens to be the director) saying, “Since travelling is restricted, we have lost a big clientele in this bargain. In addition, since we are operating within 33-50% of total capacity, this is also impacting our business.”

To take stock of the entirety of the situation, here’s what must be paid attention to and actually explains the woeful business scenario:

There are, approximately, 4 lakh hotels and restaurants in the city. Now of these many, only 30 percent have resumed their operations.

Now, if that does not tell us why there’s a reason for concern and why there’s much pressure being felt, then one wonders what ever will?

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Surely, the city has seen better days in the past. Also, there’s hope for ‘Acche Din’ to return for a lively space, sooner than later.

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