Ever heard of the term casual disregard? Ever felt, it’s part of inbuilt human behaviour that crops up when it shouldn’t? Truth is, the common attitude of the Delhiite toward basic norms, part of standard hygiene in any civilised society isn’t the greatest. Hence, there’s this casual disregard that crops up each time one is expected to behave normally but doesn’t.

This is when, and with all regards and sincere love to the rest of the country, New Delhi should be setting an example for the remainder of the nation to follow, being the national capital.

Anyways, here’s the truth, undiluted and hardcore:

On an average, not a day goes by whereupon newspapers are not riddled with episodes of someone or the other misbehaving in the city, let’s not even get to severe crimes- that aren’t really strange and in fact, point to a number of 1,74,176, including – dacoity, attempt to murder, snatching, burglary, house theft (as on August, 2020 data).

With due regards to those who are quick to jump the gun, in saying- “Don’t Generalise”– part of why Delhi conducts itself the way it does can be seen in three commonly-observed instances-

  • Breaking traffic rules- coming from the wrong side of the road, not crossing the road on Zebra crossing, hardly following queues
  • Offering blank, constant stares at women with them noting something weird is going on.
  • Crotch-grabbing in public and having little empathy for talking in a tone that’s easy on the ear.

The above common day observations point to adjectives (that it may not be entirely wrong to say) are- uncouth behaviour, carelessness, and deliberate ignorance. Haven’t we all witnessed these at some stage?

Now if the above weren’t enough, it’s been found that people are already showing a casual disregard for the COVID norms on metro rail in the city.

Delhi metro | Delhi metro casual disregard toward COVID norms
Image Source: The Tribune

This is when, the need of the hour, even as the country is no longer in lockdown stage, is to practice caution and exercise some restraint, at least.

All of which point to observance of basic social norms that might only help us all. But just what did New Delhi make headlines for?

Soon as the Delhi metro rail operations were resumed, what also resumed were instances that suggest the city isn’t all that serious about observing the COVID norms.

So just how is that? Having witnessed the scary scenario the Pandemic brought about, the first basic thing one would quite like to do, upon resumption of daily life is to not drop one’s guard or become casual.

Well, so did Delhi not do its best? Well, not really, even as Delhi metro rail services opened after no fewer than 169 days.

Here’s what The Tribune, one of the country’s most widely-respected newspapers had to say:

The police personnel at metro stations have been conducting a drive to check on those found violating COVID-19 guidelines. Passengers who were not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing have been challaned, they said.

In the last four days, 1,903 Delhi metro trains were checked and 98 challans were issued to passengers for violating the guidelines to control the pandemic, said Jitendra Mani, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Metro).

He requested all metro passengers to wear masks, maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizers for their safety. 

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All of that said, here’s a question that would serve its purpose if answered honestly-

Can we all grow up and act mature once and for all? Lives are on stake, you see!

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