In a world that is so often full of pieces of news that spoil our mood, giving us nothing inspiring, how rare are occasions where we get to see something positive? Rather, how rare are such occasions where we read something positive or inspiring?

To take stock of the situation down South in India, this little gem from the cosmopolitan land called Hyderabad may make your day.

So what happened and why is it making news? Hyderbad, home to the essence of the Nawabs, kebabs, the IT industry and the entire paraphernalia, and whatnot, is making news about wild animals.

Yeah, you read that right? Amid a landscape that often concerns itself with profits and sales, quarterly reports and new biz opportunities- it’s not always that a Phara company concerns itself with wild animals.

Right? In fact, what does that even mean. What connection seems to exist between the two? A Hyderabad-based pharma company actually spent no fewer than INR 20 lakh to help 20 animals.

So what exactly happened there and what company are we talking about?

Gland Pharma that comes under Fosun Pharma Industrial Pte ltd. has recently spent a huge sum of money to take under its tutelage no less than 20 animals ensuring their proper care and well-being for a period of one year..

In a year where the term pandemic and preservation of money emerged and stayed on to become big keywords or buzzwords, hearing about an organization- regardless of sector or domain of operation- reads like beautiful news.

What do you reckon?

So what are the wild animals that are being talked about here, if you wondered?

There’s a hippopotamus, giraffe, cheetah, deer, tiger, lions and other members of the big cat family happen to be some of the key animals that are going to be looked after by the pharma company.

Hyderabad | Hyderabad zoo animals
Image Source: IANS

But that’s not all?

As a matter of fact, Gland Pharma that came into operation since 1978, has also adopted birds like Ostrich, Flamingo, Hornbill, Vultures.

There’s honestly nothing more inspiring to know than this bit of news from the Hyderbad-based company.

It might even encourage others to follow suit and do the necessary to set an example.

After all, it’s one thing to earn profits and think for one’s welfare, but something quite other to do something inspiring that it enables others to think for the larger welfare.

Honestly, Gland Pharma has done the latter.

A piece of news that covered the said positive development from Hyderabad, happened to highlight the following:

Gland Pharma’s corporate social responsibility team executives visited the zoo and presented the check to A. Nagamani, deputy curator of the Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad.

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But how easy might this adoption have been for the company and what steps did the firm take to do the needful:

Here’s what a source associated with the firm highlighted, “Though the zoo was closed to visitors due to the pandemic Covid-19 since March 2020 to October 5, and lost most of its revenue, the zoo employees discharged their duties regularly and maintained the animal health and hygiene in good condition.”

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