There are rains. There are unsparing rains. And there are harsh rains. But the state of heavy rains in MP has taken a toll on the entire state, located right in the center of India.

But what’s most surprising is that at a time where some of the Northern states of India haven’t quite been blessed by an enormity of rainfall, picture Delhi and neighboring Haryana and Punjab for example, there have been heavy rains in MP.

In fact, here’s a matter of act. So damage-causing has been the relentless state of heavy rains in MP that a massive flood-relief package of around Rs 11,906 crore worth has been requested by the state of MP to be cleared from the Centre.

Heavy Rains in MP
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So this basically means that Madhya Pradesh has incurred, as a result of relentless monsoons, a huge loss of Rs 11,906 crore. And hence the request directed at the Centre to clear the massive flood-relief package.

It also appears that in the immediate aftermath of the heavy rainfall in the central-most state of India, the amount of relief and rehabilitation work that is needed is urgent and of utmost importance.

The loss figure is based on the initial assessment of the damage caused by heavy rains and subsequent floods which have claimed 225 lives so far.

The officials on Thursday held a meeting with central team members and told them that 36 of the 52 districts have suffered huge losses due to heavy rains and floods, he said.

According to the officer, the five-member team was informed that the state has recorded 1203.5 mm rainfall till September 17, which is 37 per cent more than the normal.

Due to heavy downpour, crops on 24 lakh hectare of land worth Rs 9,600 crore were destroyed as per initial assessment, affecting about 22 lakh farmers, he said.

Roads suffered damage to the tune of Rs 1,566 crore.

Heavy rain Alert in MP

The central team was recently told that around 225 people and 1,400 cattle were killed in heavy rains, floods, and lightning. The Madhya Pradesh Principal Secretary (revenue) Mr. Manish Rastogi informed the meeting that the state government provided immediate relief of Rs 125 crore to the affected people from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF).

But, in addition to the above, Mr. Rastogi also shared that a survey of crop damage is currently underway across the state and final estimation of loss would be prepared by September 27.

And the concern behind this is absolutely legit for in the wake of an immensity of rainfall, the first thoughts, more often than not, got to the length of damage that the crops sustain.

The state government also requested the Centre to convert short-term agricultural loans into medium-term ones, the officer added.

Meanwhile, the central team is scheduled to inspect losses in Vidisha, Raisen, Rajgarh, Mandsaur, and Agar Malwa districts on Friday to take further cognizance of any further damage owing to heavy rains in MP than what is already known.

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