Do you find it interesting that in a city of heavy-duty politicians and authoritative bureaucrats, a common police constable is making news and becoming a headline material? In fact, how often do we hear about such a piece of news?

Power is easy to attain, even difficult to maintain, but what about selfless service?

Regardless of who you are- whether an entrepreneur running a start-up on shoestring budget, a standup comic from the NCR region, a hipster from South Delhi’s Sainik Farms or a teacher busy with kids on an online session, you need to know about Than Singh.

Forget about the entrapment of your Luxury Sedan, stop cribbing about the traffic snarl that’s on the outer Ring Road, and look beyond IPL news updates. There’s a world much larger than the trappings of a modern life.

Read about Than Singh, an ordinary Delhi-based police constable who has that which many- if not most- possess. And at times, lack the basic understanding of: the power of selfless service.

Than Singh, whose second home apart from his own, happens to be the Sai Temple Compound inside the Red Fort Area, is not a man you meet everyday. He teaches underprivileged kids in the national capital. In fact, right in the beating heart of Delhi.

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At a time where many can simply mind their own business and spend a lot of extra time on thinking how to make do for all the lost opportunities that the Pandemic-marred year took away, here’s a man dedicating himself to the underprivileged.

More importantly, in so doing, Than Singh is giving to absolute strangers what most would simply not think about: parting with one’s time. Isn’t that the biggest currency in today’s day and age where it doesn’t take us a second before equating time with money?

But then, not even currency is trade-able on the stock exchange right. Some are meant for matters of the heart; for the collective good.

Than Singh happens to run a school in the vicinity of the famous Red Fort where he caters to the kids of labourers.

These are children of workers who toil in the neighboring areas.

But akin to to Than Singh, who devotedly gives his time to the welfare of India’s future, there are also journalists and writers who don’t think a second before covering stories that truly matter.

For instance, Hindustan Times’ own Mallika Bhagat, who brought out the story of the hopefully now famous (not that fame is that Than Singh started his nobel initiative) Than Singh by penning a simple telling story that’s bound to move those who pause to stop by on news that matters.

You could say, news that holds its weight against content you’d call shallow, wit all due respect.

In an interaction with the writer, the man shared some insights about the cause and initiative, refusing to play the ‘hero!’

“I don’t want these young kids to get into bad company — betting, gambling or drugs. Nor do I want them to become rag pickers and collect bottles from the streets. I want them to study and achieve something in life,” said Than Singh to

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Wonder how far you’ll have to go now to look for real life heroes. Start by getting off those flying on your laptop screens?

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