If you go by the official numbers, then so far, there are no fewer than around 44,000 cases in the capital city of the country. Of these, there have already been no fewer than 1,837 deaths while the only positive that we have amid a situation of ruins is the column that reads- cases recovered. And in that regard, there is some optimism whereupon you find 16,500 cases point to recovery.

Coronavirus cases in Delhi

But is that the only positive we have amid us? Or is there something else in there too that we need to focus on.

Well, before we get into it, it’s probably worth remembering that not too long ago, and as a matter of fact, only a few days back, the Supreme Court called out the city giving it enough to reasons to think about the way in which it’s handling the rising Coronavirus cases in Delhi.

Criticism going as far as stating that the way hospitals have been treating the rising Coronavirus cases in Delhi could be compared to how animals are treated definitely warrants the national capital of the country to sit and take a hard close look at itself.

And it’s amid these testing times the news of Delhi finding a massive relief of sorts to handle the rising COVID-19 cases serves a respite of sorts. So now the question is- what is this big relief measure that all are talking about and Delhi is due to be helped with?

Where the news serves an example, then Delhi is to get the world’s biggest COVID-19 care facility, an area of infrastructure that could be compared to the size of a massive football field.

You read that right; nothing wrong in there.

And if at all you are surprised by this very pleasant piece of news, surprising that it may be, take a deep breath and read about the sheer positivity that accompanies this development:

According to a recent news report on the Hindustan Times publication, this is what one needs to know in a bid to understand the relief measures:

The national capital recorded the highest number of deaths – 93 – in a 24-hour period (till Tuesday evening). The city now has 44,688 infections in all with 1,837 of them succumbing to the disease.

To ramp up the capacity of beds in the national capital, the Delhi government has started converting South Delhi’s Radha Soami Spiritual Centre into a care facility. It will have over 200 halls and 10,000 beds.

The area of the spiritual centre is as large as the over 22 football fields. There will also be a provision of accommodation for doctors at one side of the facility.

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All of that said, the positive development also tells us something about the critical infrastructure that is being tied to bring about a massive change of sorts. So what might be the kind of arrangement one can find in Delhi’s up and coming massive facility to counter the rising Coronavirus cases in the capital?

“The complex will be fully ready by June 30 for the treatment of the patients. It is being constructed with tents. It will have adequate lighting and fans. Coolers will also be installed in each hall!”

The above was confirmed by an official source connected to the developing facility. In the meantime, efforts are being made to further increase the number of beds in hospitals across the national capital.

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