Potholes, potholes everywhere… not an easy step to keep!

Whenever the discussion about Mumbai shifts from the film industry and the fanfare surrounding it to civilian matters and that pertaining to its infrastructure, then the talk, more often than not, comes to a standstill at a common problem: the roads. Yeah, that is right. The condition of roads in Mumbai is often a big pain point for as many as 23.5 million people out there.

And perhaps nothing could further highlight the plight of this giant populace other than speaking what exactly is wrong regarding the condition of roads in Mumbai.

Well, according to a latest survey, it turns out that as many as 96 percent of the roads that have been inspected so far are in poor shape.

Condition of Roads In Mumbai

So soon as the latest condition of roads in Mumbai reached the masses through print national dailies, the BMC was cornered and targeted- as it should be- for having not done anything significantly satisfactory to normalize the situation out there. One doesn’t need thick viewing glasses or have Einstein’s brains to decode the reason why the condition of roads in Mumbai is such a big concern, after all?

To a city that’s home to one of the largest populations in any urban centre for that matter, the least that the civilians can expect is to have smooth everyday commuting and therefore, the roads being in degenerate conditions can only worsen the situation out there.

The Times Of India that reported the matter in greater detail suggested that the roads will be ruined further even before the expiry of the contractor’s guarantee period.

But thanks to the growing clamour surrounding the condition of roads in Mumbai, at present, the BMC has served notices to 26 contractors who were invoked in maintaining the roads.

Some of the passages that lie worst affected include the SV Road from Bandra to Andheri and Cooperate Road in Fort (in Southern Mumbai region).

Poor Roads Condition In Mumbai

In fact, so dire has been the general situation of the roads in Mumbai that time after time, the monsoon brings about further challenges to the residents of the mega cosmopolitan city.

While the work can never stop and the people are constantly on the go in a city that’s famously dubbed for being one that ‘never sleeps,’ one can’t possibly imagine the hell hole that normal citizens go through in embracing the worst challenges of all- during the monsoons!

Yet, nothing significant has been done to improve and better the situation in the past decades. The plight of the average Mumbaikar, particularly during the monsoons worsened further as one had to embrace a period of relentless rainfall, marked by incessant problems and everyday commuting problems.

patholes in mumbai

And that said, according to the weeks-long enquiry report, which is published and now out, of the 184 roads that were recently inspected, 177 were found to be in poor condition.

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Even this action came to be executed at the best of the Mumbaikars reaching out to the BMC, whose vigilance department had to jump into a string of action, having been asked to inspect the condition of the roads in the capital city of Maharashtra.

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