The number of challans issued in Delhi ever since the amended traffic rules came about is insane. You are compelled to use that phrase and no other adjectives for the sheer size of the number of challans issued in Delhi in the post-traffic rule amended period warrants so.

It is believed that the number of challans issued in Delhi since the amended traffic rules came about is no less than 5,000. Now, if that’s not a serious number then one wonders what is?

But that said, what is rather interesting is when one breaks down to understand the number of challans issued in Delhi in the period after the amended traffic rules

So, here are the official numbers.

Despite tight reprimands being extended to the commuters courtesy heavier imposition of fines, it is estimated that a total of 254 challans were issued for cases of drunk driving. Perhaps it may not be incorrect to suggest that there may not be a greater peril to human life and its safety than hitting the road, getting behind that wheel in a drunken state. Isn’t it?

Challans Issued In Delhi

But here’s more.

Around 1,229 cases of challans were issued for driving without putting the safety seat belt on. That’s such a surprising and normal scenario, more like a part of an everyday occurrence on the roads, isn’t it? Given the constant increase in the cases of accidents, many of which turn fatal owing to driver or passengers not wearing the seat-belt, it’s a bit of a shocking scenario that despite a heavy levying of fines, one hasn’t learnt the lesson still.

But all that said, here’s the most surprising development of them all. Where it comes to bikers and scooterists, then it appears that as many as 4,097 cases of new challans have been issued to bikers and other commuters for driving sans helmet.

While one may emerge unhurt- if lucky- when it comes to road accidents whilst driving cars, one’s not sure whether good fortune would side with bikers who commute without a helmet.

In the more recent times, the Delhi Police has also stepped up security measures to contain situations of dangerous driving, not that the regular drivers have learned their lesson since 1,527 cases of challans have been issued to citizens for the same.

Moreover, there’s hardly been any dearth of situations where one’s not violated the traffic light rules. This can be understood from the fact that where it came to the traffic light violations, then as many as 2,700 fresh challans were issued to the law-breakers.

The following are the salient measures in accordance with the new amended motor vehicles bill:

Under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, which came into effect on September 1, the penalty for driving without insurance has been doubled from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000 for first-time offenders and has gone up four times for second-time offenders to Rs. 4,000.

Not wearing a seat belt, drunk and dangerous driving, over-speeding, jumping red lights, driving without insurance and overloading vehicles will also attract higher penalties.

A person riding a two-wheeler without helmets will not only have to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000, but would also have their licenses suspended for three months.

That told, it appears that the challans issued in Delhi point to the simple fact that everyday commuters are yet to adhere to the new traffic rules that have been laid out for everyone’s safety and security.

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