For swifter mobilisation of troops around the Chinese border, India is all set to embark on an ambitious project and this concerns the preparedness to counter China, should there be an unprecedented occurrence toward a region that’s often marked by rife uncertainty.

The cabinet committee on security that is headed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is already in the process of reviewing the proposed plan for the construction of these 44 planned strategic roads.

Immediately upon receiving a green signal would the planned work get underway.

At this moment in time, what one has already submitted to the CCS (headed by the PM) are DPRs or the detailed project reports.

But, this leads to a question. Why is this proposed construction alongside the Indo-China border actually needed in the first place?

Apparently, these efforts are part of the plan executed by New Delhi to ramp up the infrastructure along the region of the Indo and China border. The plan was an important part of the Central Public Works Department’s CPWD report pertaining to the 2018-19 period.

Over the course of the past few years, it’s been seen that China has constantly been upping the ante of deployment of troops at around the Indian border. And this constant surge in Chinese troops being viewed by India as a sign of Sino aggression. Else, what is it anyway; why would a neighbouring country increase sporadically but surely the number of troops right along the border to its neighbour?

Some might say that the proposed construction of 44 significant roads from India is an answer, in some ways, to the rising Chinese presence in the north. But in whatever way it is viewed, what’s known is that the government is not going to sit stale on this one; and that a nod is soon going to come from the central government with regards to the proposed project reports that have been submitted already and are with the CCS at present.

Among the country’s leading national dailies- Hindustan Times- had carried out a detailed analysis of this trending news and it elaborated on the subject with a certain incisiveness. The following are the extracts from the said news item:

The construction work is expected to be split between the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and the CPWD, two government officials said on condition of anonymity.

BRO and CPWD are currently engaged in the construction of 73 strategic roads measuring 4,643 km along the India-China border. The BRO, which comes under the defence ministry, is constructing 61 of these roads. The CPWD is building the remaining 12.

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