With new year come new possibilities and new expectations, and along with them- a huge sigh of relief. And it’s not even that difficult to understand why for the simple reason that with all the lost chances of the past year, the new year always has something or the other interesting to take note of. New possibilities, new beginnings and all of that! Right? Wrong? How come? Well, where it comes to Rajasthan- the cultural hotbed of India- it seems, it is anything but the above for it appears that there ‘could’ be a new virus of something like that for around 170 or so birds were found dead in the last few hours.

So what really happened and how on god’s mighty earth did such a terrible thing happen that even the free-spirited winged creatures were forced down to the face of the earth?

2020, a year that perhaps all of mankind has gladly written off as one that was neither anything even remotely productive nor anything that could be considered less horrifying than an actual real-life horror episode was just over, which is when 2021 has begun with perhaps not the best step forward?

Truly speaking, the term death or demise is the last thing anyone wishes to hear for any life form- isn’t it? But what do you do when dozens of birds are reported dead and the actual cause- it so happens- could well be akin to some flu or something of that sort?

The Western state of Rajasthan, a little over 200 kilometres from the Indian national capital formed bleak headlines on January 4, 2021 when a better part of the country’s media happened to report the following:

According to the Animal Husbandry department, over 425 deaths of crows, herons and other birds have been reported in the state so far.

In Jhalawar, carcass samples sent to the National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD) have confirmed bird flu recently, whereas the death report of birds in other districts is yet to come, they said.

Dead Birds | Bird Flu In Rajasthan
Image Source: The Indian Express

That being said, a question must still be answered: and it simply concerns a basic albeit very straightforward query- what is suddenly leading to the deaths of dozens of creatures?

Could it actually be there there isn’t a virus of any kind but what there is, as a matter of fact, happens to be something related to the weather?

Who knows what might be true? But then, there always is- lest it is forgotten- space to conjecture or imagine things whilst there, more often than not, is the actual linked reason.

And in this case, believe it or not, but the following, it is alleged, is the cause of concern in the state of Rajasthan:

“Deaths of over 425 birds, mostly crows, have been reported in parts of the state so far. Bird flu has been confirmed only in Jhalawar. Report of other deaths is yet to come,” the department said.

An expert, however, said birds are apparently dying due to cold.

No virus, then- isn’t it?

Surely, the last that anyone needs to hear is that there happens to be another form of virus (anywhere remotely as deadly as the hell-raging fury that 2020-bound COVID-19 exerted on the mankind).

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And if that is actually the case, then even there one needs to be cautious about the weather conditions. Too much cold, isn’t it and hence the experts blaming the cause of demise of so many animals owing to exposure to a wave of “cold shock!”

Isn’t that shocking on its own?

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