10 Things You Can Do When You Are Bored!

Most of the time when I get bored it gets annoying and I am sure it gets equally irritating for all of you. I mean who likes to get bored? Many people say it’s a choice… you can do whatever you want… there is no such thing as getting bored but there are actually times when your brain refuses to take a hunch upon “what you should do?”. So, whenever you feel “I am so bored”, remember it’s not easy but you have gotta keep yourself busy and for what we have 10 things you can do.

These 10 things will help you wave goodbye to your boredom and you will never find yourself in that realm again!

1. Do Your Laundry!

When You Are Bored
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You are feeling bored, not lazy so get to work and wash that pile of unwashed clothes that are resting in your “to wash bucket”. First-benefit…. you will get to do something… second…. you will get clean clothes in the end. See win-win situation!

2. Hit Gym Straight Away!

When You Are Bored
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What’s the better way to pass your time than sweat it out and make a great body? Most of us already have a membership and even if you don’t go for tryouts as it will make your stiff muscles loosen a bit.

3. Cook Something!

When You Are Bored
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Even if you are not a great cook, it doesn’t hurt to try out a new thing every once in awhile. So look for a recipe of your choice and get to work.

4. Update Your Playlist!

When You Are Bored
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You keep listening to the same songs over and over again. Filter your playlist and delete the unwanted tracks. Also, add some new ones to it.

5. Brain Games Are Super Captive.

When You Are Bored
source: doctoroz.com
You have absolutely nothing to do and boredom is practically killing you, why not strengthen your brain? Play a couple of brain games as all of them are super interesting and you won’t even realize that time flew in a jiffy!

6. Call An Old Friend!

When You Are Bored
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There are many people on your contact list who are close to your heart but you don’t get time to talk to them because life keeps you busy. Pick up your phone and call an old friend as you will feel happy and so will your friend.

7. Try Your Hand In Painting!

When You Are Bored

I know it gets really tough when you don’t have any experience in the field before but trying your hand in painting will give you the peace of mind and you never know…. you might have a hidden Picasso in your personality! Take a risk for once!

8. Read!

When You Are Bored
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It may sound boring but look at the bright side you can read anything of your choice! If you are not a literature person then pick up some graphic novels and read them. Hardly matters!

9. Dance!

When You Are Bored

Dancing uplifts your mood in an instance and if you are all alone nothing can get better than this as you get to try new steps that you might feel embarrassed about in Public also no one is there to judge you for your poor performance. So pun on the music and start.

10. Meditate!

When You Are Bored

No matter how overrated this sounds but meditation is actually beneficial for you anytime. If you are getting bored…. Meditate as it will bring you the much-needed clarity of thought and you will feel refreshed.

So, here you go. Now you may forget the list so don’t forget to bookmark this one so that you can check it out whenever the boredom storm hits you again!

10 July 2017
Avni S. Singh


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