What if there was actually no such thing as darkness or light? What if all of what we’ve come to believe or have been programmed to trust is just a figment of our imagination?

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Surely, a lot can or could’ve happened. But it’s life and what’s life without some meaning- right? So why not attempt to, at least, understand, once and for all that thing called darkness: something we all run away from or are, at least, uncomfortable with!

Here’s a heartfelt dedication to darkness:

They yell at me, call me dark,

I’m told I am anti-illumination

Some say I’m gloomy,

But to me…

It seems you’re scared of the exasperation,

Not that I cause it intentionally,

It’s just that you’re over-reliant on light,

When most are deceived by hope- or should I say the lack of it-

I still keep up the fight…

The fight to fight light

And all that sparkles within,

For I’m against false hopes,

And everything that burns within,

Not that I don’t wish you well,

It’s just that your faith and with it- blind trust is for which we don’t gel,

Must we bloody not,

For that’s how it’s meant to be,

I’m darkness, yes I’m hollow, and also.. the severity of gloom,

And so shall I be,

For it’s easier to be happy

But difficult to persist with lack of hope,

When you lose your sanity to this pissed four-letter word,

I fail to curtail my joy, God.. it’s so dope

Am I hogging onto you,

Hell no, it’s you who comes after me,

And remember when they’ve all turned their back on you,

It’ll be you who’ll still come after me,

Chase me not, for you know I’ll chase you to death,

I’ll blow the dust out of your ashes,

It’s a surreal kind of joy to me, akin to losing it on crystal meth,

So come to be baby, make love to my blasphemy

Remember though, that the more you deny me, the more you’ll deny life,

Like sleeping with an enemy, turning back on the one you got home calling her a wife,

See I’ll smash you into smithereens and peel the skin out of your faith,

If you keeping clinging on to me and don’t maintain abstinence,

For there are things you know you mustn’t touch

Not everything is meant to yield light as such

Remember am darkness you filthy clinger to hope,

I’m the high priestess gloom, though am holier than thou

For I wear no garbs of pretense

And unlike you false believer in a better tomorrow, 


And must you never forget

That the more you come after me, the further I’ll take you with me

To the very dead end where tomorrow cries for what it lost behind

This is me fatal darkness, I can paralyze even the hope for a better time!

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